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I lost all my favorites and friends list, not digging the new look! although love the new pic!

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The same here. I also lost all the private messages. I had written it in the body of the above message, but it was removed yesterday when I finally was able to log in. I do not know if it was flagged or if posts are just being monitored more closely. Anyway,hope you are doing well. John

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Hey guys...
I'm not liking the "new look"...it's still slow and hard to navigate...lost all of my stored messages...all of my pictures in expression page are gone...UGH! The best thing I've seen since the site change is sweet Katie's new picture..."LOVE" it! Sue

Mysteriously my pictures are back in Expressions... so weird.

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The old site sucked so badly and was so slow that I am willing to acclimate to this new one...



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I can agree with everyone regarding missing email, favorites, friends, etc.
My suspicion/hope is that will all come back - that they are not finished
with the upgrade but had to bring it up in some working fashion.
It would be nice if they would at least document this.

Not sure I'm happy with the "new" look either but will patiently give
it a chance.


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