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Oh this is bad....

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Joined: Jul 2012

Even the older posts are all mixed up. It shows that the same person started a post and also replied last to that same post however, when you open the post and look at the discussionm it shows another member entirely. I'd rather it go back to the way it was before.

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Joined: May 2012

Hey Billie !
Just trying the new look of the site out ! It's so far not too bad ? Katie

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Joined: Aug 2012

The site seems to be working better this morning than at midnight EST. I hope you are having better results as well.

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Ingrid K
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Joined: Mar 2011

working much better this morning I agree, Vivian.

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A lot messed up right now...

Greta isn't happy at all right now..., so you can bet she's going to be hammering the IT people to fix what's messed up.

At least I got my expressions back, avatar's and can reply to posts...

Stay tuned, it's going to be a rougher transition than expected I presume.


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lord knows why they didn't put up a test site and work out the bugs before going public with it.
setting up and administering discussion boards isn't rocket science.

at least the server isn't rejecting connections today.

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they have Greta on their butts... :) There's already been a ton of improvements since last night. Now if we can get the time line thing down, so we can follow the order of the replies....that's the part that's driving me crazy...having to read from the bottom up.


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Posts: 341
Joined: Jul 2012

I'm sure they will. in the meantime, she's got reason to be annoyed with botched rollout.
but if they've finally fixed the server performance issues, that's good enough for me.

only real functionality improvement I've seen is that we no longer have to log in again every time we close the browser. that was a pain in the butt.
I don't care much about cosmetic enhancements: emoticons and colored text aren't much of an upgrade.
and being able to use PHP scripts seems like overkill for the average cancer survivor, lol.

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It is 36% better than last night and 49% better than yesterday (LOL).

I am just pleased to see your happy little faces.


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