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Over the past couple of months, my CEA has been on a steady incline. This week, it's almost doubled again jumping from 939 all the way up to 1739. Me and the onc have been arguing with the insurance company to get a PET scan done like right freaking NOW. The onc's office says they keep getting denials and the insurance company says they haven't had any requests for a scan. I'm hoping to conference call on Monday and find out who is lying (my money is on the insurance company: it's their job to deny claims.)''

I've been sleeping almost all the time since I got home from chemo on Thursday evening (yeah, I slept right through the Mayan Apocalypse) partly from the fatigue and I'm sure there's some depression affecting me also. I was hoping that after three treatments of Zaltrap that I'd be showing some kind of progress instead of steadily increasing set back.

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I am so very sorry to hear that your CEA continues to rise and also about the insurance woes.

You may want to contact Patient Advocate. They offer assistance in getting things done for patients including dealing with insurance companies. See their site:


Also you might want to tell the insurance company that you plan to contact your state insurance commisioner about the situation.

State Insurance Commissioners Office
Utah Department of Insurance
3110 State Office Building
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-1201
Main Phone: 1-801-538-3800
Fax: 1-801-538-3829

Use any and all means to get that PET scan done soonest.


Miss Kitty

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Sorry to hear your cease has risen.
Hoping you will get the pet scan you need very soon ànd get all this worked out.
Thinking of you - Barb

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Thank you all for the good thoughts and prayers. As I start to get more awake after this last bout of chemo, I find that my attitude is getting better. Hopefully this fatigue will pass tomorrow and I'll strap on the weapons and get back into the fight.

Hugs to you all!


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I hate to hear this, Doc. Hope you get that PET scan soon and find out what's going on and get a plan to get things under control again. I think you have a good attitude all the time, considering all you've been dealt with this disease. Hope you are feeling better today and have a good Christmas.


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Sorry to hear your cease has risen.
Hoping you will get the pet scan you need very soon ànd get all this worked out.
Thinking of you - Barb

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Sorry you have to deal with the insurance stuff while your not feeling well. Hope you get your scan soon.


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it's time for a turnaround in your fortunes. Hope somebody gets their sh!t together and you get that PET scan ASAP. Maybe Santa Claus can bring you one. Try and put this crap out of your mind (yeah, like I know that's easy) and enjoy the Holidays. Hugs, Dan

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I had a PET last week, originally my ins co refused and my onc called and it was approved. I can't imagine them refusing with your CEA climbing. I would be so pissed. I wonder if it really wasn't ordered by error. Things get missed all the time. Best of luck Doc. Bad enough fighting cancer then fighting MDs and ins co.

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wow.. I was turned down too by insurance in nov, but doc called and they approved..
I think its a game they play, especially at the end of the year for some reason as I only in Nov and Dec have a I experienced stuff not getting approved. Maybe it cuts into their profits. I don't know.
Well I am sorry you are getting depressed but it seems to be a normal response to stuff like this.. I know i find depression comes much easier lately. I know we try to resist bu sometimes it is best to give in.. it is the bodies way of protecting us I think..
Well hang in there buddy, I am sure you will get this straightened out..
thinking of you and sending you peace....

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makes me wonder if this is one of those "flares" that they talk about, which occur when a lot of cancer cells die off at once. I hope they can get you that PET soon, so that you can get confirmation of what's going on. So tough to have to go through this, especially at the holidays. Way too stressful. Sending hugs and hope your way~Ann

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Hope your CEA rising ends soon, and that a CT or PT scan comes soon!!!!
Winter Marie

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Sorry to hear of it rising but hope it's due to killing off cells. It's got to be so frustrating dealing with insurance companies. Hoping that you, doc, and insurance can clear things up and get things moving to get better picture of things. Wishing you the best.


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I want to cry every time I learn of Financial troubles. Like you need something and the insurance doesn't want to pay for it. My total bills have run over $500,000 and all of it was covered by medicare or my supplement. Paying $290 a month premiums for the supplement seems like a lot, but it has proved to be a real bargain. Hope you can get them to cover you as they should!!!

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The last thing you need is insurance crap.
I hope the CEA is due to the chemo working...

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not fair what you have to go thru. i hope this gets straightened out monday & you get the scans you need. talk about STRESS!!!

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