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Post are not posting and even the TIME is wrong!!! This is NOT gonna work CSN!

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Agree....hate it! If it ain't broke...leave it alone!!!

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Trouble is, cleo, it was broke insofar as at times the performance was very slow (due to popularity I'm sure) and at other times it could even be inaccessible.

I'm reliably informed (by Greta) that the development team is working through the weekend and some missing features have already been re-instated. If they pull it off and deliver an improved CSN then I imagine we'll all be more than delighted. Let's hope they can get it right in time to give us all a lovely Christmas present.

Tex (from the Kidney cancer forum)

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Will stand corrected and withhold judgement as over five years I have never experienced any problems...probably as, living in Australasia, I access when you are all asleep! Hopefully the weekend's work tidies everything up.

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If I'm understanding this new setup correctly, be patient and it will get better. Basically, wait for the "behind the scene" staff to work out all the bugs. Yesterday when I first logged on, no profile pics were showing up, now today we all have pictures.

Think we should give them time, then start griping....lol~

Happy last 3 days of shopping before Christmas~

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Posts: 1543
Joined: Jun 2012

I've always believed in not sweating the small stuff, even more so since cancer came after me. Please everyone, don't stress, it's not good for us. The folks here will get everything fixed and it will be nice not to have log on problems. That said, I, too, found myself in withdrawal yesterday. I am a CSN junkie

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