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erectile dysfunction after 1 yr.

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I had robotic assisted prostatectomy on Dec 9 2011 . I just had my 1 yr follow up and no cancer . I have been working with Cialis daily for the last 6 months only getting partial erection. It is up to the 3 oclock position not firm enough for intercourse.
I read that sometimes it takes 1 1/2 years to recover to a full erection with help of cialis or viagara . I was told by my doctor that what I have after 1 year is the best I can expect. Do I have any hope if I increase dosage from .5 mg and change to Viagra?

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Just keep trying. We all experience differently from each medication. Some do well by increasing the potency of the drugs some do well by changing medications. However, ED will never return to a sort of normalcy if one just gives up of trying.

Continuous pumping after treatment is good to avoid atrophy of the penis. Both; the nerves and the tiny blood vessels supplying the penis will be damaged by the “cutting” so that erections become impossible. However, the action can be “reversed” or at least improved with “maintenance”. Some guys try a treatment called hyperbaric oxygen or follow a “penile implant”. Get advice from a ED specialist.

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I agree with the previous posts. It took a year for me to get an erecrtion more than a few inches. In the second year I was almost back to where I used to be. Six years later, I pop a Cialis and get a great erection. So hang in there. These doctors cannot predict everything! They should not be that hasty in their words. Everyone knows that us men hang on to certain things and our Penis is definitely at the top of the list.

Keep pursuing the best treatment and advice.....Lion1

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Thanks for the encouragement ,I replied back to the doctor that I read that some have taken 1 1/2 to 2 years to have it come back. He said not any of his patients . I requested Viagra and if that doesn't work go to the pump.I'll probably go to another doc.
Again thanks.

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Ed depends on your age, and also if there were any issues before sugery. I am now 2 years out and just starting to see something, maybe my budy ED is starting to move along??? It does take time for the nerves to heal and regenerate. A good doctor will work with you on this. There is no real timeline that I am aware of. The other item to keep in mind is that of blood pressure medications, these will effect ED, donot give up hang in there

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Can you point me to research that links BP medication with ED/penile rehab. I am currently taking losartum pottassium and nebivilol to treat BP pf 170/100. The information on the manufacturers leaflet does not include ED issues as side effects.

All the best

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Since your doctor has no experience with his patients improving after one year out, I suggest that you see a specialist in ED.

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Since the Viagra is not covered by my insurance and the cost is quite high, I asked the Dr about the stuff I see on the internet. He said do not try it, that stuff has rat poison in it. Has anyone had any similar advice from their Dr?

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If that's what your doc told you, I think he's definitely a dick!

It may be true but to not try to give you any hope of a better result is callous and insensitive to a man's inner most feelings. I don't know if there's any way to achieve a better result (other than w/ED drugs, exercises and/or the pump) but I certainly hope for you that there is.

BTW, I take 5mg daily Cialis and it works fine for me BUT I didn't have surgery. Don't really "need" it; just use it for "insurance" when the GF's around.

If you haven't tried viagra (or other ED drugs before), it's worth a try. They all work similarly but in different ways. I didn't like viagra because its effect was so short lived and because it gave me splitting headaches BUT it may have a better effect on you.

Good luck!!!!

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It is very encouraging that you have some fullness as this means there is nerve function. My issues with this resolved after 18 months. In the mean time for you you need to find things that work for you while you wait for the "nerve function to come back." I hope this link will help a bit. On the meds, they all work differently for different people. I 'd try them all particularly the daily 5 mg Cialis. Good luck to you. jm

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I am one year post op. to the day.

Nothing happened during the first 4/5 mnths and I was starting to feel disheartened especially when my consultant said that things were 'not looking good' as far as regaining erectile function.

One year on and am very, very pleased to report that I woke up today with a healthy, firm erection. I know that I have a long way to go but compared to the outlook 6 mnths ago I am really pleased with this progress. Vasco is so right, 'Never give up!!'

I include this link that explains very well what is happening during the fist year concerning penile rehab and the realistic timescales involved.


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