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site problems

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Joined: Jun 2000

The developers are working to address the many issues that have occurred. The upgrade worked perfectly on the dev site; it's very disappointing that so much has gone wrong. I'm very sorry for the situation. :-(

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Just a test Greta

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Thanks for all you do. i am really sad i have lost 3 years of correspondence. some from those who have passed :-( no its not your fault just it is really sad to have lost all that

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Joined: Jan 2007

All my mail is gone!

What a great techo "IT" team !!

(bah, humbug?)

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Joined: Jun 2006

oh dear......this site is not working for me at all.....sometimes it will not load at all.....sometimes it is just very slow....sometimes I am timed out as I wait for it to load.....

more kinks to be ironed......anyone else having probs????


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Yes. Lots of problems. Don't like the new ordering of replies. Don't like loss of all the Private Messages/CSN email. No more friends/favorites. Much less user-friendly.

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Nana b
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Oh, did I lose all my favorite posts?!?!

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Posts: 2596
Joined: Jun 2006

Alice is there a consistent ordering to the posts? some times it seems to load newest first and sometimes last.....

at least I got on this morning.....last night I could not connect at all


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Joined: Mar 2010


I have no clue what determines where something should appear.  Right now, I have to search all over for the new comments.  There appears to be little rhyme or reason to the display order.

I'd love to go back to the old format, warts and all.



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Thank you Greta. Works great!


Have changed my mind. I am finding it to be very slow.

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Any chance there will ever be a LIKE button added to our posts.. so often i really have nothing to add but would really like to acknowledge I read and/or agree with someone with out having to open a post.

I really hope you can resolve the slowness of this site when moving a post to be live.. and changing between pages.. it sometimes is so slow I loose interest and just close it down..

Thanks for your help..

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The format for adding comments "new" should be at the bottom not at the top. I'm hoping that changes. This format is slower than the other and I'll give it a couple days because of internal changes but I'm not likeing this. Most of the time it takes me 5 minutes or longer to get to a post or even to get into the site. Oh well, changes have to take place and we don't always like changes, but understand they need to happen - but hopefully we will get some faster service and formatting changes. Thanks again for trying.


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double post. sorry

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Posts: 494
Joined: Jul 2012

takes even longer to get on. most of the time i cannot even get on!!!

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my friend list is missing.

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