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Time Off Work after Open Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy

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Any have any ideas of what kind of timne off work I can expect after a Open Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy? I have short term disability that pays 60% of my salary. I am just wondering what some typical times men have been out of work after this procedure.

Thanks and have a great holiday!!


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I don't know personally, of course, but the following link suggests that it will take at least 4-6 weeks for you to recover well enough to return to work.


Obviously, the time for recovery varies from person to person and it could take you less or more time depending on the circumstances.

This only applies to the general physically debilitating effects of the surgery and not any unintended or undesired surgical effects, such as infection, collateral tissue/organ damage, ED and/or incontinence which may take much longer to resolve.

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I was off for 6 weeks, the doctor didnot want me to do any heavy lifting. My job is that I am on my feet for 12 hr days and a lot of walking and moving around on maintance of equipment. The time off will for the most part center around your job. my advice is donot push this. It is better to take more time. This is major surgery and your body will need time to heal. Good Luck


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I was off 4 weeks from mine in March 2011. The surgery was pretty extensive. It lasted 7 hours and I had quite a few lymph nodes taken. There was no real blood loss so there were no transfusions. I had no problem going back to work, but I do have a desk job. I did walk A LOT during the recovery period including climbing stairs. I think that helped me get back at the shorter end of the normal time period.

Good luck!


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I was going to be off about 4-6 weeks and be back to work, but no I had to get up and start working around the house in the 3 week. I was down for about 5 weeks more. :-(

Be careful and rest!!!!!!!!!!!!

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