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From The Frying Pan To the Fire..........UPDATE

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Just jumping in to wish all my friends a pleasant holiday season. Hope all who celebrate have your shopping done. This weekend, it will probably be a zoo out there.

My hubby is still in the hospital with A-fib, CHF, and failing kidneys. Next option may be dialysis. He told me a few minutes ago that another team of doctors is supposed to come in to talk about his cancer. So there will be a third opinion of his situation. Needless to say, no cancer treatments have been started yet.

Got to run now, but if you have an extra prayer or good vibe, please send it our way and to JBG.



UPDATE......Trying not to put a damper on everyone's holiday.

Renal failure is improving slightly......Blood sugars running a little high(hospital is not using the same type of insulin that he takes......He now has a bladder infection......Major concern now is "unknown growth" on heart valve

Plan is to do endoscope echocardiogram, providing the scope will get past the tumor on tongue, plus a chemical heart stress test.

At some point possibly ask the MDA onc, or some other onc, to consult. Not sure about this one.

So many doctors and nurses coming and going, I'm lost. Lost, frightened, and alone, except for my JBG and my son.



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Prayers in bunches for you and your loved ones as you face these many challenges.

I hope that your hubby can get a treatment plan in place which brings him comfort and relief.

Take care of you, dear Wolfen. Extra energy and strenght also being sent.

Hugs and love,

Marie who loves kitties

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Nothing but the best of and the most of good vibes being sent to JBG, your husband and you!!!
Here's hoping things turn around quickly.
Love and hugs,
Winter Marie

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I'm sorry you are all going through this. Sending you warm thoughts and prayers. I hope you are able to make a decision.

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Sending positive vibes your way ..... hope the doctors can come up with a good solution for hubby....

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your way.

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Wishing your hubby a quick best treatment plan and comfort for both of you.
Hugs and prayers.....

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You just have so much on your plate. Many prayers and good vibes going out for you and your husband and daughter. Hope you have a peaceful and uneventful holiday season and get some plans in place for treatment. Thinking of you. In fact, was thinking of you a lot today. Take care.


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are coming your way. stay strong & take care of yourself. praying both of you have a good Christmas!

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Have plenty of extra prayers coming your way daily.

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