Dealing with tooth today....

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Well, it's been long enough that I've been off the Avastin that I can have this tooth dealt with....been on I.V. anti-biotics (that's a whole other long story....this time of year at emerg. is shoulder to shoulder with really ill people with viruses....last thing I needed to be in contact with). I'm a nervous wreck!! Weird with the big colon surgery hysterectomy I was soooo looking forward to that getting done.....but this has really got me nervous beyond belief!!! I haven't logged on much, my sister in law passed suddenly, she bled out as a result of side effects of meds. she was taking, so funeral arrangements, trips to er for me, nurses coming to change the bags of iv meds has pretty much kept me from this site .... along with the fact I'd try and log on and wasn't able to. I have scans (uggggh) to look forward to Jan 4, then plan to go back on what I would believe folfiri only for a time....then avastin at a later date ...but I guess it all depends on what the scans show as I've had to be off chemo. because of this infection and need for dental work. Hoping there's been no progression in the mean time. Happy Holidays and above all GOOD HEALTH to all :)


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    you are going thru so much. hang in there & you have a good Christmas!
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    The chemo really does quite
    The chemo really does quite a number to the teeth! Good luck with your dental work and with the scans.

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    k44454445 said:

    you are going thru so much. hang in there & you have a good Christmas!

    Too much
    Smokey Joe -
    Wishing you peace during these next couple days.
    I understand your feelings. My oncologist will have a plan to attack my liver tumors regrowth and now I am healing from the brain tumor removal.
    Its so hard to keep picking ourselves up and keep going but we have too.
    I had a root canal in Oct., not too bad but who needs dental problems, too? Ugh...
    Thinking of you -Barb