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re: prescriptions

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I went to Target to fill my script for Fentanyl patch. My co-pay has been $50 for 10 generic patches. The female pharmacist pulled me aside and asked if there was a reason why I was getting the generic. I said no. She said that my insurance has always had an agreement with the brand name and the co-pay is only $10 dollars! I asked why I was not informed of this by the previous pharmacists, she couldn't reply.

I use 3 different pharmacies, depending on who has the patches in stock, Rite-aid, Walgreen's, or Target. No one has ever told me this. She also said that the same goes for my thyroid meds, which I have been paying $30. for, that one I asked at Walgreen's when it went to $30, and the pharmacist told me the ins co raised the co-pay. The brand name is still $10.

Just thought I would inform everyone to ask the co-pay on generic and brand, or call your insurance company and find out what the co-pays are. In the last 12 months, I put out $450. more than I needed to. She said that the pharmacists know this because when they put it in the computer it will inform them.

This means I paid out $930 more than I needed to this year on just 3 of the many meds I am on.

Still fuming,

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Thank you so much for the heads up...I had no idea!

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Carol, I would be fuming too! You bet I will be asking! Thank you.

I will share some of my own stupidity...when I was released from the hospital for the shingles one of scripts was for lidocane patches. The doc said I could use them for 12 hours and they allowed me to sleep. All of my scripts came to $350 when checking out of the hospital. Well, I was still groggy from meds and wasn't paying close attention, so I just paid it.

Then I went to get a refill of patches...$250 for 30 patches! But I couldn't sleep without them. I didn't think to ask if there was an alternative...I was just thinking about how to deal with the pain and get some sleep. So I paid it. All because the patches are not part of the Kaiser formulary. I have filed a complaint and am trying to get some money back...we'll see.

Merry Christmas! and hugs,


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And if they do not refund you a portion at least maybe you could seriously threaten to expose them via media or lawsuit! That is just so unbelievable! We suffer enough financial loss with this damn disease without being ripped off too! I am furious! Thanks for posting!

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