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Planned CSN Outage

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Joined: Jun 2000

CSN will be down from 9 pm Eastern Time Thursday (tomorrow) until 9 am Eastern Time Friday getting a badly needed software upgrade. You will notice a few formatting changes and enhancements. Most importantly, site functionality should improve significantly.

aka Your CSN staff

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Joined: Apr 2010

We'll appreciate a significantly improved site functioning!!!
Winter Marie

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Joined: Feb 2009

That will be very welcome here. Thanks to CSN for improving the site.


Posts: 1170
Joined: Sep 2012

This is great news. A Christmas miracle!


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Joined: May 2005

Your comment is too funny!

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Joined: Feb 2012

I can't even post much of the time, too slow... and trying to read others' posts - sometimes impossible... so glad to hear this.


Posts: 308
Joined: Mar 2012

To Us! More Speed, please...better connection!

Thank You, CSN Santa!

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Dear Greta, wishing you a happy and healthy New Year.

Merry Christmas,


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Thanks to all whom provide this forum. It has provided a lot of information and stress relief to many.

Best Always, mike

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that is great news. thank you for the heads up and all your hard work


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Joined: Dec 2012

This is a Xmas present

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Joined: Apr 2011

Wonderfull, looking forward to the upgrades, Thank you.
Wishing you also a Merry Christmas.

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Nana b
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We need a like button. :).

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Joined: Nov 2011

and we need a DISlike button!

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Happy Holidays to you, your family and staff at CSN. May you find joy and happiness and be surrounded with love.

Best Wishes - Tina

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Thank you for letting us know about this upgrade to the system and for all the support you bring to us here.

We are thankful to have this site to come to for fellowship and support.

May you and all the CSN support folks have the happiest of holidays.

Marie who loves kitties

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for the alert, the upgrade and CSN.

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Hmmm so a software upgrade okay great are you keeping those servers with DSL? Slowest log-ons and uploading I've dealt with in years. Why not buy those servers that all the Cancer Charity Solitication Companies use. They are tremendously fast and talk about information share WOW. Just tried of getting calls at dinner times with the family and in early morning waking me up. Headed out of State soon for Christmas with my kids and Grand babies. Expect many smies and good times. God Bless and Merry Christmas. Sorry for those of you who popo saying Merry Christmas and God Bless let me restate....Happy...naw...Merry Christmas and God Bless get the gift of tolerance after all I tolerate you. Take Care all Lou

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