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Nipple tattoos

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I seen my surgeon today I have decided to have the tattoos done I've had so many surgeries done don't want anymore and I am numb on both sides anyway. She showed me the colors she would like me to get on the color chart it's like picking out house paint colors lol . Anyway any one choose this and are you happy with the results? I have so many scars from surgery I am hopeing they fade with time

Thank you


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I have the same scars, I'm sure! The plastic surgeon's nurse did it, and we chose a dusty rose pink and a nude to mix together. Looks darker in the beginning, but the top layer of skin peels off in seven days or so. There was no pain since there is no feeling in that area anyway. I'm happy and pleased to have had it done. Go for it, Teresa.

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at first, I was concerned with the color = but, as stated above your skin peels and you are left with wonderful color.

Best of luck!

Vicki Sam

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I had the tattoos done recently and am happy with the results. It covers the scars and have really helped me pull through the final phase. Now, I can show people, if they are interested, and I stand proud. It was just a little discomfort, but well worth it. (in my case). We stayed small, and went for a light shade. After all those other surgeries, this is a piece of cake.

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I just want to wish you good luck Teresa!  I bet you'll love your results.


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I had a double mastectomy (6 months apart) 3 years ago with reconstruction.  I debated on the nipple part and after reading reasoning for both arguments/preferences it sounded like people were happy with whatever decision they made for whatever their reasons were.  I decided to go ahead with it in an effort to restore what was taken from me at 39.  My plastic surgeon did the nipple contruction while I was fully awake and showed me one side when it was done.  I was thrilled! I didn't expect to be so relieved, but I hadn't seen my "normal" breast for months!  They do shrink, so plan for that if you opt for the nipple reconstruction.  The tattoo came 6 weeks later and I only went in once and was happy enough.  I would like to go again to fill in some areas, but obviously it served the purpose and I am happy to have done it.  After all of the surgeries, what is one more minor one to feel and look as normal as possible.  You will make the right decision for you, I have no doubt.  We are fortunate to have so many wonderful options!

Pink Rose
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I know you will make the right decision.  Good luck!

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I just had mine done a few weeks ago and absolutely love the results. I left the color up to the tatoo artist at the hospital. Since my breasts are always numb it did not hurt at all. When I look in the mirror now I feel like I look so much more "normal". I am very happy I did it. I hope whatever decision you make will make you happy. Good luck!

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