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The kindness of Law Enforcement

This evening my daughter was out and saw what appeared to be a large convoy of police vehicles making their way south on interstae 81 (we live in most northern VA). She was wondering what in the world was going on.

Here is text of an article which explains it:

All a 6-year-old Virginia boy battling brain cancer and a spinal tumor wanted for Christmas this year was to be able to celebrate it and to receive Christmas cards from police officers from around the country.

His story has touched hearts all over the country and police departments from across New England not only answered the call, but also set up a convoy of more than 90 cruisers to hand-deliver the cards to Nathan Norman.

The hashtag they are using on Twitter is #cards4nathan.

They gathered at Burlington Mall in Burlington, Massachusetts on Wednesday morning and traveled through Connecticut, via Hartford.

The officers have Newtown on their minds and placed green ribbons on the cars in honor of the 20 first grade students and six staff members killed in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday.

They passed slowly by Newtown on Wednesday.

Earlier this month, the Watertown Police Department honored Nathan by making him an honorary Watertown Officer.

When NBC Connecticut spoke with Nathan's parents earlier this month, they said the chance to be a police officer has made a world of difference for their son.


Thank you Law Enforcement for making one childs wish come true and for honoring those children who lost their lives in Newton.

PS not sure if others joined the original convoy but numbers have been reported as high as 200 vehicles


  • richls
    richls Member Posts: 54
    What a heart warming story.
    What a heart warming story. Thank you for sharing that.
  • Annabelle41415
    Annabelle41415 Member Posts: 6,711 **
    What a kind gesture. That is a lovely story, and thanks for sharing that.

  • Varmint5
    Varmint5 Member Posts: 384
    What a sweet story
    But also very sad. My cousin's little girl, age 11, lost her battle with brain cancer two months ago. She was an honorary firefighter (daddy is a firefighter). Her casket was carried through town on the fire truck to the church. So much sadness. But this is a sweet story and I'm sure meant the world to that little boy.

    LOUSWIFT Member Posts: 371
    I spent 37 years in Law Enforcement and know of many many acts of kindness done everyday by officers. Sometimes small stuff like getting a dog out of the pound for an elderly woman who was alone once she lost her dog; buying toys and food for families they meet on calls and huge events like what happened here. I suspect some one will complain that the cops were using public vehicles and burning public gasoline. It's hard being thought of as heartless; mean; racist; homophobes;well the list goes on. I remember 911 when for a few weeks cops actually were treated with some respect and of course I watched that fade. I've seen some pretty bad stuff but I thank God I wasn't one of those cops who had to see those babies slaughtered and the guilt and horror they get to cary all the rest of their lives. But you know I wouldn't have done anything else and every now and then cops get a little credit for what it costs them to do their jobs. Courage; honesty; integrity means something. Salute to those officers who did what needed to be done for that young man and those little Angels. When I was a road patrol sergeant and the six year old was of age and able he can work on my squad any day. Lou