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Seeking Cancer Patients with Anxiety For Research Study (NY City)

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Like, which of us do not have anxiety? LOL

I've been a participant in this study since the summer, and have nothing but the highest praise for it. It is so well run, so carefully thought out, and so effective! I can honestly say that my experiences in this study have changed my life. I am also lucky enough to still be in remission 2.5 years after diagnosis, but have suffered terrible bouts of anxiety with obsessive eating before every oncology check-up. If Manhattan is accessible to you on a regular basis, I urge you to see if you are eligible to participate. The official flyer is below.

We are looking for volunteers to participate in a scientific study exploring the effects of spiritual or mystical states of consciousness on anxiety and emotional distress associated with a diagnosis of cancer

A person receiving a diagnosis of cancer is faced with multiple and severe physical, emotional, and spiritual or existential challenges. Often, the feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, and questions around meaning and
spirituality contribute to more overall suffering than physical symptoms. It is now widely believed that issues related to meaning, spirituality, anxiety, and depressed mood are at the core of the suffering that patients with
cancer may experience.

Researchers at New York University School of Medicine and Bluestone Center for Clinical Research are conducting a scientific study using a novel drug, psilocybin, a psychoactive agent found in a specific type of
mushroom and used for centuries for religious and spiritual purposes. Entheogens, the class of plants and chemicals that includes psilocybin, have been used for thousands of years as sacraments to induce mystical or
spiritual states of consciousness as part of spiritual and healing observances.

Volunteers who participate in this study will receive careful medical and psychological screening, preparation, and educational materials about the details of the study. The study will consist of two study sessions.
Additional meetings will involve preparation and psychoeducational sessions to assure comfort and safety throughout the study. Questionnaires and interviews will be used to evaluate the effects of the study drug on mood and quality of life.

This research study is fully approved by and adheres to the strict regulations of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Participants must be between the ages of 18 and 76, have a current or historical diagnosis of cancer, and be experiencing anxiety or mood changes secondary to their diagnosis. Further information regarding eligibility is available upon inquiry.

Strict confidentiality will be maintained on all persons inquiring or participating in the study.

If you, a family member, or someone you know is interested in this study, please call Gabrielle Agin-Liebes, Clinical Research Coordinator, at (646) 501-4206 or by email at gabrielle.agin-liebes@nyumc.org. For further information visit

www.bluestonecenter.org/study-participation/show_study_release.html or

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I would absolutely love to participate but I'm not eligible living in Canada. 'shrooms rule!

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