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I am having my port placed on thursday. What is the procedure like and can you feel the port do you know that it is inside you

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Hi Chris,

I had an IP (intra-peritoneal) port, so my experience may be very different than yours.
Port was inserted by the radiology surgeon in a 2-hour-long surgery with "twilight sedation" that was rather painful. 2" long incision got infected and never properly healed; Two and a half months later it's still open and I have it packed by a nurse every second day. So my port was never used and I finished chemo through IV in my arm. I can feel the port under my skin. It's scheduled to be removed on Jan.16.
I have to mention that what happened with my port is very unusual. Chemo nurses were telling me that they only saw it happen once before to some guy.

Good luck with your procedure on Thursday!

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I had a power pot put in after I had reactions to th chemo in my arm. One time the IV slipped out of the vein and he chemo burned my tissue. Took awhile to feel better. My port was put in under local anesthesia. It is in my chest and yes I can feel it and see it if I wear a scoop neck dress or blouse. I am used to it now and don't think about it or worry about it if someone sees it. It was no big deal having it put in. Good luck!

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Glad to be done
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I had a power port and I P port put in. As for the power port my arm was shoulder was a little slow for a day or two but after that I was fine. My IP I went into surgery to have placed and all went well with that but that took more out of me thatn the hysterrectormy energy wise. Doc said it was because of back to back surgeries.
You see the port is there under the skin but you forget about it...

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I had a power port put in just above my right breast. I had this done under twilight sedation and then went straight on for my 1st chemo session (this was back in Aug 2010). I must say that I was so frightened and did not want the port at first but I really needn't have worried. it all went really well and I had absolutely no problems throughout the whole of the 18 week chemo and it made taking blood and giving the chemo much easier than using a different vein each time. I had the port removed the same way in January 2011. Good luck.

michelle x

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