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Anyone know how they determine dose for Xeloda. My husband it taking 3 pills twice a day seems like a pretty high dose.

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Is usually by weight etc.I think. I take 1500 mg in morning and 1500 mg in evening. Everyone seems to have different amount.
Winter Marie

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hello Dyan....I have been on xeloda twice in my history of chemo. I weigh about 130 pounds and here is my schedule....my xeloda came in pills of 150mg and 500mg

in the morning I took 3 pills of 500mg plus one 150mg.
at supper I repeated 3 pills of 500mg plus one 150mg.....so I was taking 3300mg of xeloda per day plus my oxalyplatin....

sorry I have nothing to compare it to.....just sayin that was my dose.....

hope you hubby does well with this drug.....it is not too bad


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Goes by body mass. Your height and weight is considered. I am 5' 8" and weigh about 139. I take 2150 in the morning and 2150 at night. I was worried my dose was too high so I looked around the web and found a site that figured your dosage by body mass and 4300 a day was what it came up with and it's what I'm on.

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But it also depends on how well one can tolerate the drug. I've been taking 3000/day for 3 years and I'm ok...it works. However, I cannot tolerate anything higher because then the side effects are too much...mainly my hand/feet and stomach issues. I know people who have no side effects on 5000/day and others who can't tolerate 1500/day. The 3000/day seems to be a standard dosage for most people but if your husband has problems he needs to tell his oncologist. The drug can still be effective at a lower dose.

All the best to you both :)

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My husband has been on this drug on and off for 27mths. The amount he take is 1900 in the morning and 1900 at night, for 2 weeks then a week off. They work the dose on his weight.
He weighs 12 stone. The main problem is over time he gets very bad loose stools. He takes this drug with oxy and avastin. In the new year he will take it with avastin and campostar.

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