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On My Way

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1) I've made an appointment to get a 2nd opinion. It is in the early part of January. I do not post exact dates on public forums. Not because of you, my friends; but because you never know who is reading this. The appointment is with the head of medical oncology at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

2) On on my way with the change to a "healthy" diet. I virtually eliminated bread, cake, donuts, and cookies. I've added apples, raw cabbage, and raw broccoli. I've lost about 5 pounds over the last week.

3) I'm at 190. Most say that an ideal weight (for a healthy male at 5' 10") would be about 170. If I eat healthy, I will approach that healthy weight.

I could hardly eat more food. But here's the point: It takes a lot of raw cabbage to equal one slice of bread.

I encourage everyone to eat healthy. I encourage everyone to take Rick's Crazy Diet with a gran of salt. Okay, with two grains of salt.

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I like the items in your healthy diet, but I just got back on bread, cake and donuts. How about if I tell you I still can not taste much or am I trumped by highly enriched carbs. Thanks to the cancer diet I am just about 174 lbs now (down from 218 lbs).

I am trying to eat better it’s just I have memories of how food use to taste and I keep sampling things. Answer me this, I can not taste the sweetest donut (dripping with glaze), but I can taste sweet corn (almost) like normal. Why?

Eat healthy, be healthy.


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raw cabbage? gag, how do you do it? I'd love to try your healthy diet, but couldn't get it down. tried ramen tonight, tough swallow. at least I got the broth (with some egg) down.

I'm 5'10" and 135. a little surgical transfer procedure to split the difference and we could both end up at an ideal 165! whadda you say?

wishing positive results from your appointment.

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D Lewis
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Can't get em down? Slice them lengthwise in spears, toss them in extra virgin olive oil with a teaspoon or two of Cumin and a sprinkle of salt, and roast in a 400-degree oven for about half an hour, or till soft and lightly browned. Yummy.


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D Lewis
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Buzz the roasted carrots in a blender, with a fluid of your choice (water, broth, cream...) till thin enough to eat. Still yummy.


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Good for you and your diet plan and I am glad you got an appointment. Knowledge is power my dear friend.

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  • My tumor was never in my mouth. So I have no trouble with the swallowing muscles of the taste buds.
  • However, my esophagus is restricted. Anything not chewed or ground to a fine mush gets stuck. So the use of the juicer and blender.
  • Most of you are not fighting lung cancer. And I hope you will never join in that fight. Extraordinary challenges require extraordinary measures.
  • Although I encourage everybody to eat healthy, I am not asking you to buy into my definition of healthy.

Do you like my list? Rick.

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Pam M
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Keep it up!

I've been "getting ready to get ready" to start eating better again - seeing you being reformed keeps that thought more toward the front of my mind.

Raw cabbage is a job. When I'm being "good", I just juice it. I know - they say the best cancer-fighting in cabbage is released as it's chewed, but I read that you can reap the benefits if you drink the juice within a minute of juicing the cabbage. For those of you who do not know the joys of fresh cabbage juice (it tastes like you'd imagine) - let's just say that after I chug that cabbage juice, I drink the carrot/beet juice that I always get ready before I juice the cabbage, and that carrot/beet juice is TASTY. I wasn't a fan at all when I first tried it, but the taste improved a great deal when it was following cabbage juice. Did I mention I also take lemon flavored fish oil first, to partially coat my mouth and throat, and help the juice go down quickly?

I am interested, though, in hearing about what good health steps people are making in their diets - I REALLY need to get back on the wagon. I swear, I'm eating a WHite Castle burger as I type this - just got in from work, then shopping.

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so Rick, what model, type of blender / juicer do you have?

As for the SCCA ...I too have a follow up appt in March...so if you want you can pm me and let me know if you will be there...I'd love to have a "juice" with you. Get it, "juice"...okay, okay. But serious still on meeting you up there some time.

My doctor was Dr. Mendez ...my experience was great...and they gave me a little green card to make me feel special :) (some sort of ID card you keep on you or if you call in they will ask for your green card number and know it' you and can give out that information ..cool!!

Keep us posted.


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