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Thinking of all of you at this time

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I am thinking about all of you, especially at this time of the year, some of you will remember me and the new ones will not. I lost my husband, age 56, to this cancer on September 15,2009, then my dear mother a week later on September 24, 2009. Although I do not post much on here anymore, I do occasionally get on and read all the stories. Most of them sound very familiar, much of what I had gone through. I just wanted all of you to know never give up the fight, no matter what the doctors say. This cancer has taken way too many people and I wish there was more money spent on researching it. I never heard of e/c until one day my poor husband couldn't swallow and we found out he had stage four cancer.

May the New Year bring good health to all of you. May you enjoy the upcoming holidays as well.

Love Always

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I'm sorry you lost your husband. EC is a wicked Beast that robs us of a lot. Some of the stories are familiar, but many have the same bottom line: NEVER GIVE UP!! My Pops is also Stage IV. He is fighting daily for extra time. So far, he's earned himself 2 extra years of life passed what the docs initially alotted him. They can't say what God's will is! Positivity and Faith are powerful tools we use in this battle. Anyway, thanks for still checking in here. I can't imagine it's easy... but it really means a lot to have your ongoing support.

Merry Christmas!

~ Jayme

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