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This is how I got here:

11/3/12 - Went to nephews football game, lower left back started to hurt like I needed to stretch out. Got progressively worse and spread to my stomach. Wife thought I had a kidney stone and we went to the ER. CT scan was done where two masses were found, one was 3.6 cm the other was 1.8 cm. I was referred to a surgeon for a biopsy.

11/8/12 - I was directed to get a testicular ultra sound done. They were able to schedule me that day.

11/9/12 - I was refered to a urologist who specialized in oncolgy, he was able to see me the same day diagnosed me with Testicular Cancer and recommended an orchiectomy. He could see the mass from the ultrasound but had a hard time identifying it upon physical examination. Scheduled the orchiectomy and was informed I would likely need chemo and an RPLND. LDH slightly elevated.

11/15/12 - Left side IO (Just before Thanksgiving, good times)

11/26/12 - Met with Medical Oncologist and recieved Pathology report from Orchiectomy. Pathology showed no malignancy only fibrous tissue. MO would not order Chemo without further information wanted to consult with surgeon. Tumor markers normal.

11/30/12 - Had follow up appointment with Urologist. He informed me that there have been cases where TC tumors "burn out" because they grow too fast. He basically said there was nothing further that he could do and I would be under the care of the MO going forward.

12/3/12 - I had a needle guided biopsy of the larger tumor in my retroperitoneum (back). Only necrosis was found.

12/14/12 - PET scan, still waiting on results. My MO wants to consult with an interdisciplinary team before deciding what to do next.

Basically I have one doctor telling me I have cancer and one doctor telling me he can't find it. The frustrating part is the waiting and uncertainty. Looking online I can find very few cases like mine. I wanted to post this so that if others go through this they will know they aren't alone. I still have a little back pain and one less nut, but otherwise I'm feeling good.

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I am with you there man, the waiting game it THE WORST!  I had a sudden and dizzying experience with mine, I went to the DR on a Monday, had my orchieotomy the next day and then waited for 11 days to find out the pathology results.  Then another week for CT scan and after the CT scan another 10 days to find out I had a couple suspicious areas and ended up having to have RPLND surgery 6 weeks after my first surgery.  After that I had to wait almost 3 weeks to get those pathology results back, luckly they came back all good, but that damn waiting is enough to drive you crazy I know.  All I can say is keep your head up, think positive and hope for the best, thats really all you can do, driving yourself crazy over it all doesn't help anything, trust me I know, I did that to myself.  I know it is easier said than done but take it from me, try not to stress to much about it, unfortunatly the damage is done, you can't undo it, you just have to look at your treatment options, pick the one that is the best for you and kick cancers butt!

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oh damn so yeah they took about 7 pounds of tumor out of me during a 17 hour surgery but parts of it were dying because it got so big that it couldnt support everything... so i would belive in it growing 2 fast expecially if you have high testorone like i did... now i have none and im super depressed im thinking its becsaue i went from super high to super low but any way testicualr cancer can burn its self out... im not sure the smaller it is but the bigger it is the more it needs to it can start to starve its self... but you still want some one to take it out of you

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True it is frustrating but in the end if it for something good ,then worth waiting for...

How r doing now? Hope no further treatment was required in your case... 

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you need to go see a credited oncologist i dont know how to do that i live in Canada lol so well im sure you know about that...


honestly alot of doctors just thought i wanted pain killers until one belived me and i went for a unltra sound then seen a urogolist the next day was given a bunch of other scans and was in the cross cancer the next day although i was 18 and they had already fucked up and my tumor was about 7 pounds so i guess it really was the cart befor the horse but alot of guys have no business being in medicine i swear they get higher then i did after surgery so maby talk to freinds or family see if they know some one you can call any one you know that had cancer befor or search for some one in oncology that isnt just a run of the mill dick...

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