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Dr. Heinz Lenz USC, a Worth while trip!

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We went and spoke to Heinz Lenz MD at USC Norris Cancer Medical Center. We knew he was brilliant and have read many articles that he has written. We had never looked up a picture of him and was expecting a little old German man, (Kind of a bad movie mad scientist.) in comes this bright eyed energetic man that was extremely welcoming and happy.

The first thing he tells me is, "After reading and reviewing your file. You are going to live a very long time. Your cancer is not that bad, and we need to start making a plan for you."
WOW! After being told I have Stage IV inoperable cancer at Banner Good Sam in Phoenix, Dr. Lenz is telling me it should not be a big deal to control if not beat this cancer.

Dr. Lenz told us that he is used to seeing people for just a consultation. He wants all the future medical records to be sent to his staff. They will constantly review and monitor my treatment and if they disagree they will let me and the treating Oncologist know their opinion. WOW! After 1 Visit this Doctor and his team take interest in following people they have talked to, versus treated. He told of us of course we can treat you here, but that is probably inconvenient to you, and he chuckles. WOW! We were impressed! This is a team that obviously has to make money, and at the same time making money is very low on the list. (We have not received all of the bill, but it was worth it.)

He gave us his opinion on the protocol for treatment and the tests that need to be done to monitor my progress. He recommended a surgeon, and told us if we need a referral his staff would do that for me.

My plan is going to be: Get a baseline CT/PT, Tested for KRAS and BRAF immediately, Chemo for 3 months, follow up CT/PT to make sure shrinkage of the tumor, HIPEC Surgery, immediate follow up Chemo for 3 months, additional CT/PT to view results, then decide to Chemo or if done for a while. I guess I know my 2013 schedule. lol

Dr. Lenz's opinion on Diet and Vitamins for Colon Cancer:
Vitamin D3 3000IU or more a day.
Vitamin B6 300mg
Milk Thistle 3-4 caps a day.
Probiotics 3 times a day.
No more Red Meat! - Then he waffled and said extremely occasionally, but if you can avoid Red Meat then avoid it.
No more refined Sugar. - Same extremely occasionally. He said really there are so many alternatives, Molasses, Honey, etc... Refined sugar is unnecessary and should be avoided.
Get on a Mediterranean Diet ASAP. (Which we are really close, with the addition of juicing a little.)
Juicing a little is OK, Do not Juice a lot. Dr. Lenz's opinion is that to many antioxidents in the system can alter the cancer and help build a stronger cancer cell, that may be untreatable. He also stated that was his opinion, and there is preliminary research backing that opinion up. WOW! So, many books state that you can not have enough antioxidents, and he is saying it may cause a super cancer cell. We told him we juice currently 1-2 times a day with carrots and greens. He said that was fine, but do not do more.
Do not take any of the miracle vitamins. A: They are expensive B: They may interfere with the Chemo C: They may skyrocket your antioxidents
Back off of Vitamin C - No more Grapefruit Juice or Fruit. Orange Juice or Fruit very occasionally.

Overall we learned a lot! We now have a World Class Oncology team over seeing my future treatments. We also met a group of exceptional people! They also have Free Valet Parking!
Best Always, mike

PS This is a Team of Oncologists opinions for me, and not a blanket treatment plan for everyone else. This information may be something other want to research for themselves. I did not state my Chemo recommendations, for the blanket statement reason.

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We called UCSD Dr. Lowey to get an appointment for a surgery in 3 months.

Best Always, mike

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Thank you for sharing the details of your appointment. I bet it feels good to have a solid plan in place. I must admit I was frustrated re his opinion on fruits and veggies. My husband has been really focusing on the fruits and vegetables as we've learned that antioxidants is the way to go. I find it confusing and so hard to know what to do. There is just so much contradictory information. I'm aware of Lenz's reputation and am inclined to think his opinion must have some merit. My husband will be so confused when there is no fruit smoothie waiting for him tomorrow am. LOL. Anyways, congratulations on having such a positive appointment. Please keep us up-dated.


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It is very nice to have your file reviewed by a leading and famous professional. It sure is worth while, reassurance is priceless and to be happy with it is even worth more. It is interesting to advise against too much antioxidants. Wish you all the best.


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Glad you are happy with the visit/plan - as happy as someone can be to have surgery! Are they still saying it is colon cancer or is it appendix cancer? My tumor was found at the base of appendix - poking into the cecum but they classified mine as appendix not colon cancer. I also know dr. Lowy has a lot of experience with appendiceal cancer/hipec. Just curious but so glad for the good news for you! Take care, ruffy

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From my reading and speaking with several Oncologists. The cancer is rated Appendix vs Colon by the type of cancer found in the appendix. My cancer was originally stated as appendix. Then redefined by the tumor had multiple types of cancer, and one of those types was more likely to be found in the Colon, hence Colon Cancer. Unfortunately for me, they did not state the second type of cancer correctly and called it Goblet Cell, when it was actually Signet Ring Cell a far more aggressive cancer.

I currently have metastasis on the gallbadder, sm intestine, colon, peritoneum wall, and a tumor at the anastomosis. The idea is Chemo to reduce and possibly eliminate many of the mets. Then have Surgery w/HIPEC from a real pro surgeon. When the Cancer is more surface then invasive to the organ, HIPEC is very effective.

The only information that we received was about the Diet. Do not over do the Antioxidents. Every Natural Medicine book and Doctor we have spoke to says more, more, more antioxidents, and do not over use the juicing. We were just ramping up the juicing. I went into juicing pretty hard, but my body was having issues with processing the juice. I backed off the juice, and my wife and I were up to 2 x 8oz (237ml)a day of fresh carrot and greens juice.
Dr. Lenz told us not to do more then we are already at on juice.

USC also had a good Free selection of books and pamphlets on cancer and diet. What a GREAT resource to the community that USC serves! (USC is in SOuth Central Los Angeles. The neighborhoods are a little rough close to the school.)

Best Always, mike

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Sounds like you had a good appointment. Heard this doctor's name many times on this board and only good things about him. Glad you were able to get in to see him.


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I also have heard his name mentioned many times on this board and will keep him in mind for my future. What reassuring news for you - I bet he made your Christmas bright. I appreciate the details about his recommendations. Good luck with your treatment plan.

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great news!!! so happy for you!

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My husband is with Comprehensive Cancer Center (affliated with UCLA) They are a great staff of Drs., However, I really am thinking of going to see Dr. Lenz. We are in Las Vegas so trip is not far for us. Also thinking of going to San Diego USC as would be easier.
Thanks for your comments. Dr. has my husband on B-6 and Vitamin D. Need to check into probiotics.

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that is great news for you.....good stuff

and thank you for the vitamin suggestions....I appreciated that this advice may not suit all but I really appreciate it as a general guideline.....


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Glad that you all had a safe trip and great results with new treatment plan. I thought of you and your road trip when the storm came through the other day.

I remember hearing something the other day that was unfavorable to anti-oxidents. Of course, it upset my hubby also as he had been a great believer. Unfortunately, they did not work for him.



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I did the UCLA thing. They were positive, and I should have listened to many that recommended I speak with Lenz at USC also. I screwed up and did not speak with Dr. Lenz soon enough! I did speak with Lowey at UCSD. He thought my treatment at UCLA was the correct way to go at the time. Now my DX has changed.

If you have the means, I would tell you to go and speak with Dr. Lenz. SoCal is a fun place to visit. Stay North or South of LA. The food is good, and the surroundings are pretty.

Best Always, mike

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So glad you shared this! Dr. Lenz is so impressive with his research and love his optimism!! I think he's given you a lot of great advice but most of all, I love that he was so positive and had a plan for you.

Great stuff!! :)

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Interesting comment about the juicing, we just bought a very expensive juicer and I love it, BUT in my research afterwards I found high amounts of fruit/veg juice decreased Interferon gamma by a huge amount.
Interferon gamma is very important for the immune function.
Complicated counter-intuitive stuff...the probiotics is also VERY important, people can do their own research on that.

from wiki;

IFN-γ, or type II interferon, is a cytokine that is critical for innate and adaptive immunity against viral and intracellular bacterial infections and for tumor control

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Thanks, Mike. I'm glad to see your visit summary and glad you had a productive visit.

I try to avoid general, categorizing statements about "antioxidants" and "vitmans" as very non specific, where two items in the same category can produce radically different results with respect to either the cancer or the body. e.g. prior discussions of folic acid, leucovorin and L5MTHF. Ditto vitamin E forms. "antioxidants" often have different, identifiable molecular targets.

Likewise vitamin C is a minefield for the uninvolved who have not pried apart the history of it in great technical detail. Vitamin C by itself and at less heroic doses, is a different kettle of fish than IV vitamin C with adjuvants where both antioxidant and hellish oxidative mechanisms come into play. The oxidative mechanism being why vitamin C builds collagen and is also needed by natural killer cells to kill pathogens.

The oncology business needs to get much more precise about what chemo combinations work and don't work with vitamin C, what benefits and risks trade off, and why. Otherwise oncology is likely to lose credibility with more people over time while doing a great disservice to patients in the interim.

My wife is a low residue stage IV after neoadjuvant CAM and two surgeries. We have been able to dispense with some typical chemo drugs suspected to be incompatible with vitamin C or "antioxidants", and use carefully selected vitamers with specific nutrients (typically "antioxidants") to work well with a basic 5FU derived chemo.

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Back when George was diagnosed as a very advanced Stage IV, our oncologist said the same thing as far as diet, juicing and supplements go when I brought it up. As he put it to us at the time, what supercharges a regular cell can also supercharge a cancer cell so be very careful. We followed his advice, low to no sugar, little if any red meat.

Although I lost my George on 10/29/12, if the truth be told when he was diagnosed 3/09, the prognosis was extrmely poor to see six months. Again, his cancer was well advanced when diagnosed so 3 1/2 years was much more than we ever expected. I often wondered if I was doing the right thing by George but after reading your post, I am confident that I did so thanks for posting. Dr. Lenz is one of the nation's leading experts in colon cancer.


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This doctor gave you HOPE and that is worth it's wait in gold!!!!!!!
Here's to NED-ness!

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Great you had such a positive appointment!!!

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Do u have contact details for dr lenz.  I'm in the land down u der, Australia?




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this is great news! it is like Christmas & you got the best gift ever! good luck!



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