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Off topic and just for fun! *** 12/21/12

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Ok, we've all heard the hoopla about this Friday being the end of the world. I jokingly say that it's the day when all the Mayans come back to life to kill every one. Why else would there be such a huge influx of zombie movies and TV shows lately? I decided to start this post to see what everyone here thinks will happen on Friday.

I know that on Friday, our Sun and Solar System will cross the Galactic Equator. Currently we're right below that plane and it will take about 14 hours to make the crossing. (I've already checked all of this out with astronomical software that I have.) What I think will happen as a result is that the Poles will change and the Magnetic North Pole will be at Antarctica. We know that the poles do shift ever so many millennia from iron deposits in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. There are no mass extinctions in the fossil record that coincide with these polar shifts, so I think it's going to be a rather fast transition. No one knows how long a polar shift takes because it hasn't happened in human history. I plan on spending the day watching the sun make it's transit and keeping an eye on a compass.

Of course, if the Mayans do come back to life, I have sword, spear and flail already to put up a fight! So, what do all y'all think


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Since NASA has already released their 12/22/12 video telling us the world didn't end "yesterday", perhaps they are hedging their bets to make sure we get to see it...lol.
According to the video and other sources there is no astronomical event in the making due to sun spots, or near earth objects or rogue planets poised to hit the earth.

So..........I guess that leaves us an earth bound catastrophy of either nature's or man's making. If mother nature feels it's time for the Yellowstone mega volcano to errupt or if some fanatic starts a world wide nucclear war it doesn't make much difference.

I have but one hope, and it is the same one I had growing up outside Washington, DC in the cold war...don't let me be one of a few survivors. I would prefer to go out with the masses.

All that said, I will go about my day on Friday, as if it were any other, with the true belief that I will still have to face life's challenges once the calendar changes to 12/22/12.

Marie who loves kitties

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Its almost believable ...seems like so many bad things have been happening.

So my kids get a free day off from school in December .. we shop have lunch and just spend a nice quiet day together. My daughter chose Dec 12th....she thought that was the end of the world. I don't follow this stuff so I assumed she was right and we got thru the day easy. Until yesterday when she came home and said Friday was the real end of the world and she didn't want to go to school. Being in CT we are a little on edge and a lot devastated by last fridays shooting and it is tempting to just keep them home.

I don't worry about mayans or natural disasters....just about sick individuals with access to weapons.

I'm going to be pissed though if I did Christmas shopping for nothing!

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I probably haven't given Friday a lot of thought, with everthing else that is happening. It does seem though, that there are more frequent earthquakes around the Pacific Rim. Either that or I am just paying more attention to them. I definitely think the earth is changing.

I think the "end of days" comes for each of us in different ways. I spent all last night in hospital with hubby as heart and, now kidneys are not functioning properly. Emg. staff took one look at him and rushed him in. It was pandemonium there for a little while. Stable now, so heading back down there in a little while.

And, Doc, as Marie mentioned Yellowstone, if it goes, you and I won't have long to think about it. I would imagine, at least the western half of the U.S. would go with it.



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I don't think the world will come to an end, but it is slowing happening with all this destruction by people. I believe mankind will destroy this world in an awful way. It would probably be an easier death if it did end 12/21/12 - not that I want that to happen, but this world is a scary place right now. I won't be surprised if there is a terrorist attack in plan for that date. Just plain scary.

PS talk to ya on 12/21/12

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hey doc

The benefit of a rounded globe serves as a warning. the transition in China takes place first. That should give the western hemisphere ample time to weigh options. Or is this is a western-centered phenomenon!

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That's what these people have been prepping for many years now. Personally I'm sure nothing will happen just like when 2000 hit many people thought we would run out of water and computers would stop work. It's nothing but hipe, but if something did happen let me go down with them. Don't want to stick around to devestation. By the way, I've done no prepping so I'm screwed if something did happen. Will all be here on Saturday morning discussing how nothing happen.


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A friend sent this to me this morning and gave me a good chuckle.

Two Mayans were working on the calendar when the first said to the second :Dude, I just ran out of carving rocks." The second one said "Bummer, man. Bet that's gonna screw people up in the future."

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