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On 12/14/2004 I was DX'd w/ Stage IV CRC, today I'm in remission for 4th time...

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Greetings all,
Here's a recap of my journey. On Dec. 14, 2004 I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, (1) tumor in my liver the size of a pea and (3) spots on my liver. Immediately following the dx, I was put on folfox and had very good results, 6 wks later the spots were gone from liver and the tumor on my colon began to decrease in size. March 2005, I had a colon resection; they took 6 inches of colon and left the rest. After I recouped from surgery I finished my folfox and (5) wks of radiation. A month later I was declared NED, I took the next 4 months off. Fast forward to Feb 2006, one tumor reappears on my liver, doctors decide that surgery to chryo tumor was the answer, they did, and for the next 2 years I was cancer free. June of 2008, I go for scan, they find a spot very near chryo’d tumor, this time they decide to do a liver resection. Surgery goes well, I’m NED until Oct of 2009. We do a periodic ct scan, results show 2 more spots appear, a very small spot on a lymph node in intestinal area, near liver, and the other in the plural of my right lung. At that point my doctor tells me that my cancer is now incurable,the plural tumor is inoperable, and chemo (folfiri) is my only option. Two years later, Oct 2011, doctor is surprised that no other cancer appears, especially given the fact that I was taking chemo every 4-5 weeks. We decide to do a Pet scan to see if there’s anything new, and as it turns out, there’s not. The tumor in my intestine has been the same size for 2 year, it’s showing up hot in the Pet scan, and the spot in my plural looks to be calcified, no activity shown on Pet. Today, both my onc and surgeon decide the once inoperable tumor in my lung is now operable, they want to remove it along with the tumor in my gut in the near future, early Dec, 2011.

I went through with the abdominal surgery last April,my doctor removed a lone tumor from my lymph node. I was in the hospital for 4 day and they sent me home with a bottle of motrin. It's truly amazing how good they are getting with large incisions. I had a recent scan and the spot in my lung has not change and there is no other evidence of disease.

A little about me, in January of 2012 I turned 50,I have a wife of 20 years and 10 year old son who I absolutely adore. Throughout this ordeal, I have and continue to work full time running a small business. Despite my cancer, I’m in good health and I rarely get sick. My life is normal, I cut my grass, shovel the snow,and chase after my wife and kid. I'm blessed.

Merry Christmas everyone...


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merry Christmas to you. thank you for posting this great news! congrats

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Merry Christmas! Thanks for sharing your story - awesome!

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Merry Christmas!!! Thanks for sharing your story of inspiration :)

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Your my hero, taking a licking & you keep on ticking. So wonderful you are able to enjoy your life and your family
My husband has the cancer. We married in 2006, then CRC Cancer was discovered in 2008. He had a 3 year remission after colon surgery to remove tumor then radiation. This year has been ruff. Starts chemo tomorrow due to rise in CEA and nodules in lungs. August was surgery for colostomy due to blockages from radiation. He had unexpected complications of bleeding around dead tumor. He had chemo from Feb-June of this year. Hope I can tell everyone a story like yours.
When he was healed from surgery this year, we took a long trip to see realatives in Calif., and spend sometime at the beach. We are planning our next long trip for the spring. Mountains, fishing, kayaking, beach, and to see family.
I believe one day God will put and end to cancer.

New picture of the cat, she is so much help if you want to take a long nap she is always willing to join you.

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thank you for sharing your encouraging story.
And a big hug from Germany

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Hi Buster Brown,

Thank you for sharing your inspirational story. It gives hope to my husband and I.

Merry Christmas


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So nice to hear stories like this. I get really depressesd then read a positive story like this and find hope. Good luck and hope you always remain NED.
Sandy :)

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Great story. Very similar to mine thanks for sharing and congratulations on your good health and beating the odds.

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Great story. Very similar to mine thanks for sharing and congratulations on your good health and beating the odds.

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Another long-time survivor. We need to hear these stories. Merry Christmas!

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We are extremely Happy for you and your family! What great news to hear around the holidays! Congratulations, and Keep doing what ever you are doing. It obviously works for you.

Best Always, mike

PS Thanks for Sharing the Good News!

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thank you for that wonderful story ....I am sure that it will be an inspiration for newcomers and old timers like myself. I have been around 3 times and when I saw your reference to four....I thought.....yah.....we can do this!! thanks


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Good to see you are still upright and fighting on. Merry christmas to you. Ron.

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What a nice Christmas present to the Board to read your story...thank you.

Brenda Bricco
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Thank you so much for sharing! I really love that you took the time to give us hope.
You are blesssed... and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. :)

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Really needed an inspiring story.
Thank you and be well!
Merry Christmas!

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I really need to hear stories like yours. Thank you so much for sharing. I am so happy for you and wish you a wonderful Christmas!


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Thank you for sharing your great story.
This gives me hope with what I am facing.
Merry Christmas and the best of health to you!

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Thank you so much for sharing. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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I agree. We really need to hear these stories!

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