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throat checkup

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Had my visit with the videostrobe and ENT today, everything was normal, no change, will see him again six month. I have had a lousy October and November, in hospital for over three weeks altogether. I had lung surgery in October to remove a small cancerous nodule, I was given the option of wait and see for six months and then see, I chose the surgery which was the easy part. A day after the surgery I went into Atrial Fibrilation, I was zapped and it straightened out. I was put on a drug called amiodarone, hellish side effects but was told to stick with it. Was released with catheter still in as docs felt the drug and pain pills would make it difficult to urinate. They told me to see a urologist to have it removed 5 days later. The Thursday I was sure I had a urinary tract infection, I also saw the urologist that day. He said I did not have an infection, this without looking or testing, he said wait a week and come back. On Saturday I was running a 102 fever and could not take the pain anymore, a RN, friend of the family cane over and took it out. That night I got hit with uncontrolable shaking, it was very violent. I was taken by ambulance to my local hospital where it was confirmed that I had UTI as well as a blood infection, doc said iwas to be admitted and would get a catheter put in. A girl came in to do this, she had no idea and tried to force the thing down she said to me that she did not know what to do, she chopped up my urethra, bladder and prostate. I was bleeding badly. A urologist then came in and did it right. Fever was at 103.5. Took two weeks to stop the bleeding and deal with the infections. Yikes.

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My legs are clenched together just reading your story. You have my sympathy.

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Sorry for you rough Oct and Nov...man I pray Christmas / December is better and you are no longer in pain and enjoy the rest of the season...

Have not seen a post from you in a bit ...so glad you stopped in Denis.



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