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Maxicat You Ok

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I have not seen you post in a while and I remember your were supposed to be done with chemo around the holidays.

I am also signet cell (3b).

Just let me know you are ok.

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Hopefully just the busy season

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Hi there ... I am still waiting on my scan results. I have an appointment with my dr on Christmas Eve. I was told that if it was bad news the drs office would have called. I had chemo last week...go again on the 26th...number 11 of 12. We are changing insurance companies in the new year...I am hoping to get in to see an appendix cancer specialist that does not take my current insurance ... Hopefully in jan or feb. until then...I feel pretty good ... Except for the horrible neuropathy


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Why the appendix cancer specialist?
I can give you some hope on the neuropathy. When I finished my 12th my hands, feet, teeth abd tongue were pretty bad. I joined the wellness exercise program and faithfully went. I kept using the hands and feet and now 4 months out from the end of chemo the teeth and tongue are ok, hands and feet much improved. I need to wear Clarks shoes now though. No high fancy shoes or I would topple over. So much for being a slave to fashion. I am just glad I have a new-normal. Keep me posted. Enjoy the Holidays - you are almost done Maxi. Remember months ago I told you that you could do it.

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