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6 year anniversary MRI

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It's been 6 years since my first diagnosis of HCC; time does fly. Three years following my resection surgery, my second diagnosis came, almost to the date of my first and I had a RFA procedure successfully. My anniversary of surviving 6 years is this week and I see my doctor on Friday for the results of my "Anniversary MRI". It will be 4 Days before Christmas and we all know what I asked Santa for - no new tumors, of course. I have faith in my higher power and believe in my heart that all will be fine, but you know how we all are once we've heard the "C" word- will I die from this, will it come back, how will my family carry on. My good fortune can only be attributed to the doctors who are guided by the hand of my higher power. I have faith and I pray that all of you will have faith too and that you can all have a good Christmas this year again. This forum has been an oasis in a otherwise bleak desert of misfortune, but I know what some of you are feeling as I have also felt those same feelings. The holidays are tough for those who have lost a loved one this year so let's all keep them in our hearts, prayers and thoughts and keep up the fight as the battle is not lost.

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