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Early Christmas Here Too

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Joined: Jun 2012

I don't want to brag, because I know that others have a much harder road ahead than me.

But I did get good news at my first 6 month CT this week. Doctor says he thinks I am cured after a partial nephrectomy in May 2012.

I only mention it because I know I felt better when reading the good news of others. Some of those old threads just die off, and if you are looking for hope it just kind of leaves you wondering what ever happened.

To all of the regular posters here, thanks for what you do. Your attitude and support really made an impact on me.

And to all those waiting for scan results I am thinking of you and wish you well.

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and good for us too - just as you've said. A nice posting- full of this season's spirit and that of this forum. All the best for all our scans and may yours now remain clear for good.

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Thanks for reporting in, I am glad you shared it.

I also feel a little bad when posting good news here about my condition. I don't know, it's like a guy feels guilty because many of his other friends here have it much harder. It's kinda why I read frequently but do not post so much.

But I agree with what you said in your third paragraph. There are many newbies that come here looking for hope because they just got the dickens scared out of them. Heck, that is how I got here. So I agree, it is also important to show them the upside too, and the fact that some of us, do get off easy in comparison. I use the term easy, tongue-in-cheek because there is nothing easy about being cut into.

Excellent news regarding your scans, and my hopes for many more good scans!

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...and I am glad to see others having good luck with follow ups. I am constantly thinking about it already, being dignosed 11-27 and having surgery 12-4, everything is still fresh and somewhat scary to me right now. I feel pretty good at this point, but I simply can't help thinking about "stuff" right now.

Here's to all of us here, in this club, having good results and scans!

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We'll take all the good news we can get around here! My 3 year is ten days from now, expecting to report another NED...

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Jeez, brag away!! That's so great to hear! It is so good and reassuring to hear when someone else gets an "all clear" on their latest tests. I had a partial nephrectomy in June 2011. I go for my 18 month CT Scan and chest x-ray next month. The time has just flown by. I cannot believe it's been 18 months already. I always get nervous and anxious during this period before the next testing, so thanks for posting your good news. It's always good to hear.


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Wonderful Christmas present to you and all who fight this disease. Never hesitate to share inspiration. Our wish is that one day we'll open up this forum and see nothing but success stories--one after the other--the ultimate Christmas gift!

Have a wonderful holiday season

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You are NED ok Merry Christmas you are not NED Merry Christmas,once you are dxed with cancer every day is a Merry Christmas,not sure if being NED or not NED makes much of a difference!!!

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D109, it's not bragging. It's sharing news that makes you feel terrific. I long for the day when I might hear NED. Good for you!

Limelife, I hear you loud and clear. Every day is a gift, NED or not. And everyday is a day when we look over our shoulder, NED or not. Once being diagnosed, life will never be the same for us as it once was.

But I certainly rejoice in hearing of others' successes no matter how durable or for however long.

Happy Holidays to all and a Happy Healthy New Year for all of us!!


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Posts: 476
Joined: Nov 2011

I have been working 12 hous a day so sometimes my posts are done in a haste,being NED is something to be proud of and something everyone enjoys hearing and i never would percieve that as bragging.My point was is that everyday is special so if you are NED please share it with the rest of us.

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No worries. The comment about bragging was directed to D109 who started his message by saying "I don't want to brag"... I absolutely know you are grateful every day and I know you celebrate everyone's good news as I do. I was basically agreeing with YOU...everyday is a gift, NED or not! I am a 19 month survivor and the median survival is 10-20 months as I read in TW's article. Hmmmm. I have never been NED, but if it ever happens you'd better believe I'll scream it out loud!!!

Love and hugs.


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