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Where is William W. Marshall

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I have not been on this board for 2 months. I noticed that William is not present here, something happened to him?
My husband, diagnosed in December 2011 with adenocarcinoma of the esophagus, has just done tests, and we are a little disappointed. Tumor markers came out slightly higher. We have an appointment with CT in January 2013 and see then how come the test results.
We have surprised by this, and we do not expect to change test results so soon. I led a normal life with a healthy diet, no meat, no sweets, no stress, and yet ... I'm worried for him.


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He was banned along with SEVERAL others. If you need him, he is still out there. I can PM you the info. Try not to think negative thoughts about your husband's upcoming appointment. Positive thinking goes a long way. It's tough, but as caregivers, it's part of our duty to keep our loved ones going! And being part of a support group, it's our duty to keep other caregivers going! So, hang in there!! My Dad is on the same kind of diet... I can't imagine how much worse the cancer would be if he didn't switch to a HEALTHY, organic, alkaline diet.

Best wishes and we are here for you both when you need us!


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No, I did not need it, but I just wanted to show my husband a long survivor , nothing specific.
I know, I must to think positively, I saw among the people here, more serious cases, stage IV or V, they give us hope, do not give up.
My husband has stage Pt2b, adenocarcinoma of the esophagus.
It's very hard waiting until we have the test results.
We hope to be better, and we enjoy each day.
We are grateful to God for all we have and we know that power is only in His hands.
I pray for him every night and I want to be strong for him. My support is faith.

Be blessed all.

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