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Well my friends, my husband will not win his fight against cancer. I am utterly hearbroken. The lymphoma is just so aggressive it is breaking through the chemo.

Will try to have a nice holiday season. I wish you all season greetings and all the best in 2013!

Hugs - Katie

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tall floridian
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Katie- my prayers go out to you and husband - never give up hope - God's in control - Hugs - Steve

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A second opinion saved my life against an aggressive lymphoma. As well, I entered a clinical trial when there was nothing left to use against it. Prayers ascending on your behalf.

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I do not post to often but I read the post everyday. I have been thinking about this since you posted this. It's one of those things where no one really knows what to say or if they do say it will it sound right. I really think Po18guy says it best. Look for another opinion even a third opinion if need be. This disease seems like it always has another step for treatment. They have come so far or at least it seems they have. Prayers are with you in the future and hoping another opinion can turn things around. John

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Hi Kat,
I'm so sorry things are not looking positive for your husband and my heart goes out to you. I agree with the others that a second opinion or possibility to do a clinical trial should be checked into. Please let us know how things progress and remember we are always here for you. Take care and best wishes....Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)

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Max Former Hodg...
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I am sorry to hear of your husband's prognosis. As po1 suggests, we Hope against Hope. If the docs know you will try ANYTHING, they may dig a bit harder. A good friend of mine is late stage 4 prostate. He has been fighting it for 12 years ! He does appear to be near the end, but the docs say they are going to try another pallatative med after New Years. Another friend had a very similiar experience, fighting prostate with various treatments for over a dozen years. He was OK and felt well during most of that time, so it was effort very well spent.

Of course, we must understand that cancers differ, and sometimes it is indeed time. I will say a prayer from hm and you both at this moment...


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The others have said it all and I agree with them. Maybe a second opinion, or third if you haven't already done that. The researchers are hard at work for all of us. OR Maybe it's time. God IS in control - we are with you as you go through this. Prayers coming your way.


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Hi Katie,

I agree with the other regarding 2nd, 3rd opinions.
They are constantly coming up with new treatments as well
so perhaps you can look into clinical trials or other treatments.
Please know we're here with you guys.

Sending you hugs and warm and positive thoughts,


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I thank you all for your support.

We got 3 other opinions and only MD Anderson was in agreement with Mayo. He is receiving pallative care now (etoposide, dexamethadone (sp?) and rituxan) weekly. I hope that will help keep those evil cancer cells at bay.

Unfortunately there is very little out there for Richter's syndrome. I continue to look for clinical trial and my sister's friend is a scientist and is always looking for something new as well. Still have to have hope but it's hard.

miss maggie
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Dear Katie,

There are times when there is not much to say. This is the time. Have you contacted the Lymphoma site? Maybe they can direct you to a clinical trial? The love of my life passed away in May 2004 from pancreatic cancer. He too had pallative care. He had almost 2 years pain free. The last 2 months were rough.

I am so very sorry the way things turned out. Just maybe there is hope. Have you also contacted Sloan Kettering in NYC?? They might have a different trial than MD Anderson.

In my prayers. Maggie

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I contacted Sloan Kettering, Johns Hopkins and MD Anderson. MD Anderson was the only one that gave us another chemo to try that Mayo had already started using on him, which failed. I hope the pallative care will give my husband many many months.

I am sorry for your loss Maggie. Cancer sure rips your life apart.
I will see what the lymphoma site has to say.

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I'm without words Katie, in times like this the only thing I can do is pray. I will pray for both of you, that he gives you both the strength to keep going! Don't give up, do whatever it takes to find the medicine that will help him. Please take care of yourself...We're all here for you (((hugs)))


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So sorry your husband is experiencing this very difficult time/situation; As all the others have said--I agree--Sounds like you have looked in all the right places--My prayer is that God will bring healing---I pray for strength and peace for you, your husband and family as you traverse this difficult path. Prayers and hugs,


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