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One more day for results

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And yes I am a bundle of nerves.The waiting as you know is awful.Been almost 3 weeks.I Pray the dr. Is right this time and no Cancer.They told me that before and it was Breast Cancer.I need to be well for my daughter.She is 34yrs. Old and is Sick.She has an incurable Illness that caucus a lot of pain.I am her only helper.She was so good to me when I was sick with Breast Cancer.She does so much good for others.Thanks for all your thoughts and Prayers.They are so appriatted.I will be thinking of you my dear sisters.And know you are Praying for me.Love you all.THave a great day.

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You and your daughter remain in my prayers and thoughts. I don't know why anyone has to wait so long.. Waiting is the worst. Please let us know I'm sure it will be good news. Take care Darlin Kay,

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I cannot even imagine why you have to wait 3 WEEKS before the results of your tests are available. I can possibly see waiting 3 weeks for an actual office visit with the doctor who ordered the tests, but the doctor should be able to give you the results verbally within a few days of any blood work or diagnostic imaging. I would have been calling or visiting his office and speaking my mind long before this. You are being exceptionally patient. I too am a mother and can only imagine the stress you are going through with your own medical issues plus those of your daughter. It is wonderful how much you appreciate each other and do for one another. The Pink Sisters and Brothers are thinking of you both.


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