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Dad starts radiation tomorrow

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Hello New Family,

Well, tomorrow marks the 1st of 33 rads for Dad. Hmmmm..."Rads for Dad"--sounds like a rock group. (I see I still have my sense of humor!) Anyway, last week was weird...the mask fitting, sights, sounds, smells...all came back in memory of 20 years ago when my husband was being treated. Different, but ,yet, the same.

I am writing to thank you all for your advice. I took your suggestions and have made a to-go bag. I've ordered every conceivable saliva helper, MuGard, Rx's for anxiety, pain, water, swish and spit concoctions, Boost, and other high calorie gems. The blender stands ready in the kitchen. Aquaphor and the like is on hand. Got music: Glenn Miller and Vera Lynn (Dad is 94). I am loaded for bear.

I hope to get him a log-in so he can communicate with you directly, but from what I've printed off for him he says he's read so many times he knows it by heart. My new friends...I want you to know that you help. You are helping my 94-year old dad get through this pretty ugly thing and that is just plain awesome.

Think good thoughts for him. I'll let him know you are right beside him...

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You are right that your dad has a lot of people beside him, ready to help, encourage or just listen. I hope everything runs smoothly. I will be thinking of both of you.

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preparedness is all :). Having everything you can think of on hand is great. No running out to find something in a hurry...just a walk to the cupboard. I did the same thing, and was glad I had thought ahead enough to make it easier on myself.

The first couple of weeks will be the easiest, so get him to eat anything that sounds good to him...pile in those calories.

I'll be thinking of you and your papa tomorrow...he sounds like he's a tough one!! :)


Kent Cass
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Your Dad certainly is one tough guy- yikes! I was 54, and though there's an unfounded rumor that I cry a lot, I might not have. But 94?...Would suggest you find out to what extent he is gonna get zapped. Maybe if he's only taking hits in a couple places it might not be quite so bad, but I would get overly-concerned about his getting zapped in as many as 10 places.

And it does sound like you've got the preparation thing done very well. I hope you'll provide more info and keep us informed on how he's doing in the weeks-months ahead. Hoping and Praying he makes it thru this like the fighter I'm sure he is.


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Bless you and bless your Dad and I hope and pray for a smooth journey (for both of you). The side effects start slowly, but they are reliable. Good luck!



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Prepare for the worst, hope and prayers for the best...

Prayers and Thoughts,

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We are with you and praying for you nightly on this end!!

I'm with the others, you must be one tough guy ..heck, you made it to 94!!! :) (hope you don't mind the humor).

I think I will refer to you as the Clint Eastwood of the H&N Warriors ....you get top honors..go kick some butt and keep us posted (by the way, sounds like you are in good hands with Vee).



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