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Sore mouth

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Hi everyone, I just found this site, and wish I had found it earlier! I finished my chemo and 35 RAD at the end of October for BOT with one node removed. . Now I am recovering from the side effects of the treatment. Has anyone had a problem with sores on the side of the tongue ? I assume it is a burn from the radiation? It just won"t seem to heal and is very painful. Is this a common experience?

Thank everyone for all the good information:)

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Finished my rads for BOT in January 2012 and also had one lymph node affected....I did not have surgery...yes, I had mouth sores and ones like you described...be sure and gargle with that salt / warm water solution and other rinses they prescribed to you...stay aways from mouthwashes with alcohol and be sure and brush / floss several times a day (carefully and slowly) ...the salt / warm water rinse and spit will do a good job of keeping that at bay...



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Thank you so much just for normalizing the side of the tongue sores. How long does it take to heal? I am having a hard time deciding what is reasonable side effect and what is not, and I was beginning to panic.

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you might want to go to the health food store and pick up some L-Glutamine...I had horrible mouth sores from 5FU chemo (even plain water was too much)...I'd swish with the sal/soda solution, and then use the L-Glutamine...you can swallow it, so was getting some hydration with it. L-Glutamine helps healing. These were the only two things I could get into my mouth during that time...everything else simply stung too much.

There will others replying to you...the sides of the tongue seem to take a beating.


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Besides using Magic Mouth Wash for mouth and throat sores I had Lidocaine gel that was specifically for the tongue sores. Definitely stops pain temporarily. I was also going through multiple glasses of salt and soda mixture for swish and spit. All these things together made me feel like I was in (some kind of ) control and seemed to aid in healing. The sores on the tongue should just about run their course, since you finished treatments. Also, I drank lots of water, lots.

I was stage IVa, SCC, BOT, HPV+ and 1 lymph node left side of neck (surgery, 35 rads, 8 Erbitux), 9 months post, no drugs, no sores, little taste, little saliva, lot happy. Good Luck!



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