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My Christmas Poem

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I wrote the following poem in 1986. At the time, my daughter was two years old and I was telling her about Santa Claus one day. My older brother (the one who can't wait for me to die) walked by and scowling said "there's no such thing as Santa Claus." I told her that her uncle was just being grumpy, but a day or so later I wrote this poem. He softened a little bit after reading it, but still remained the orifice where they enter to find colon cancer. I hope that you enjoy it, I think that it's the best thing I've ever written. While I have copyrighted it, please share with others. Just leave the copyright in place.

Love, Hugs and Merry Christmas to all!


I Am Santa Claus
by Ray Poulsen
© 1986

On Christmas Eve in 1917, I am a German soldier fighting in France
All day I’ve heard the sounds of battle, of guns and bombs and men dying
As night falls, there is a truce called and I hear voices in English
It is American soldiers, my enemy, whispering to each other; they’re not far away
I listen to them, soldiers far from home, and I reach into my pack
Quickly I rise up and toss a bar of chocolate to them and say “Merry Christmas.”
I am Santa Claus

I am sitting on a dock fishing, enjoying a summer day
Behind me is a loud splash and a scream, I turn to see a small boy has fallen in the water
His friends yell for help, they draw the attention of two men in a boat
They are too far to help him, so I dive into the water
He struggles and tries to fight, but I hold him up, while my clothing drags me down
The last thing I see in this life is the boy pulled to safety.
I am Santa Claus

I am the woman who hears the voice of God, promising a visit that day
Three times she receives strangers as guests and gives them food, clothing and comfort
And when she wonders why God never came she realizes the He did. Three times.
I am the child who shares from my lunch box with the child no one likes.
I am the doctor who works in poverty stricken places like Africa and Asia.
I am the firefighter or the ambulance driver who saves a life every day.
I am Santa Claus

I am the moment of true Love that exists within us all
The spark of Divine inspiration, the Hope of all Mankind
The toothless grin of an infant, the Light inside the Dark
A Gift to be freely given from the Heart, a treasure without price
The Spirit of the Season, that should last through out the year.
I am Santa Claus.

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Thank you so much for sharing this, and reminding us that the spirit of giving is something to practice not only with material objects but with our spirits and hearts.


Marie who loves kitties

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This is simply beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. It is a masterpiece.



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Fantastic poem! I like the idea of finding Santa Claus in so many scenarios. My mom is a WWJD person. She used to get us buttons and stampers and all sorts of books. Although I am not a church goer, I grew up with the concept of doing what Jesus would do. I never thought to personify the concept of Santa Claus as good deeds in life.

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very cool!

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Thank you for sharing this with us. It's a beautiful poem.


Sisters three
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I needed your poem today and passed it on two three family members including copy write.


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for sharing this.

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I think you are Santa Claus. You have a great gift in your writing. No I see why I love to read your posts. My brother also wishes I would "go away" so he gets more of Mom's money. She is 86 and will probably outlive all of us......so I can totally relate to your situation. Enjoy your holiday!

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