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I'm curious? What kinds of emotions did you feel when you had your port removed?

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Monday (12/17), I get my port out. Yea! A year ago at this time, I was preparing for my first biopsies, which eventually led to my diagnosis. When I was told I had cancer -- on the left side, I had infiltrating lobular carcinoma; on the right, ductal carcinoma in situ. Initially, the DR thought I might get by with just surgery (double) and hormonal therapy. He said that if I were to choose to aggressively tackle this, the end results should be good. He was not sure, but chemo was a "maybe" and radiation was a "probably not." That changed after the pathology reports were out. The size of the primary tumor on the left was rather large AND on that side, one lymph node was affected. I was classified as a Stage IIIA.

I have had the port for almost nine months and am excited, yet nervous, about getting it out. It seems to me that I could find it to be a rather emotional experience.

Any sharers?

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I felt kind of lost and it just was plain weird to be done. I think it is very common to have such feelings, mixed emotions. I am hoping that the appointment goes smoothly.


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I just had my port removed about a week ago. I was very excited because it symbolized the end of my 1.5 yr journey. I was also scared because it also meant I would not be monitored every couple of weeks either, back in 3 months now. Mixed emotions for me. The process was quick, they didn't even put me to sleep, just numbed the area and I didn't feel anything until later. Much easier than the placement. I hope your appointment goes smoothly.

Hugs and prayers


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I was excited and nervous when I had my port taken out. I think that is normal. After it was taken out, I even missed it for a short while. I hope that all goes well with you.


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I was excited to get it out. Freedom!

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I was excited and scared! Excited that it was the final milestone for treament. Scared because it had turned into talisome for me. When they removed it I asked the surgon to give it to me. I think he thought I was a little odd. :) I carry it in my purse and whenever I get scared or anxious I get it out and hold to my incision scar. Wierd I know but it helps me to calm down.

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I was very happy to have it out it was exciting!!! It was the end of it all so to say.
But I do have to say if I new then what I know now I would have kept it.
These last few months would have been allot easier with it.
But it was a great feeling at the time to get it out!!
Best of luck to you.. Take care..

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there were a few emotions attatched to it since I got it out on Valentines day last year. It was in a bit longer than normal because on my first mamo I had some suspicious cells so I left it in until after the pathology report came back from that.

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The date of the de-porting is changed to January 8. The DR prefers to do this in a procedure room at the hospital. I am not disappointed because I prefer the thought that I will get more than just a few numbing shots -- chicken that I can be.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about having the port taken out.

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Yay for you! I was like a little kid on Christmas Day with excitement! The removal of my port marked the end of a tough journey and gave me confidence in my future. It also meant that I would not have to worry about where I held my precious new granddaughter!

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However, I was nervous as I had to create a 'new normal', a life that did not include weekly chemo infusion, or bi-weekly blood drawls.  I sat and thought ... now, what to do with myself... so I had to reinvent myself slowly back into the mainstream of life.

Good luck, and happy grand-baby holding.

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

Pink Rose
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Good luck on the 8th to have your port removed! 

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