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I wanted to ask for your help.

My 87 year old mother has had esophageal cancer for almost 2 years.

When she was diagnosed she was told that the cancer had spread outside of the esophagus to multiple lymph nodes. So she has been receiving palliative care.

She had radiation once (for only 3 weeks) and received chemo for about a year.

She was receiving Leucovorin, Oxaliplatin and 5FU.

Since the chemo was making her very weak, she did not want to continue with the chemo and she stopped chemo for about 7 months.

When she did a PET Scan after 7 months, it showed the cancer had not spread much but that it was more active in the esophagus.

So she resumed chemo for another 4 months. This time, she was only given Leucovorin and 5FU (not Oxaliplatin).

She recently got another PET Scan, and it showed that the cancer had not spread but that it was still fairly active in the esophagus.

Her doctor now wants her to get a new drug called Tamoxifen.

Does anyone know anything about Tamoxifen? I’ve heard it is used in breast cancer cases but I’ve never heard it being used in esophageal cancer cases.

Any information you can provide would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you for your kind help.


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