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Help with hair pain?

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I cut my hair down to about 1/8 of an inch and am finding that as it falls out it is rather painful. Does anyone have any suggestions to relieve this pain. It feels good standing under the shower spray but I can't do that all day. Rubbing it gently with a soft cloth helps a bit too. Any ideas out there?

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It might sound weird but I used a lint roller on my head the kind with tape on it a few times a day and it helped get the stubles out also I wore soft caps
And used baby shampoo.

I hope it gets better for you


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What a great idea! I, too, had hair pain as it fell out and now that I have stubble, it still hurts! I will definately try the roller!

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Rub TOPICAINE or any over-the-counter Lidocaine gel on your scalp.
Pain and tenderness will subside shortly

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