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I'm weak and I must confess

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Friday night, I went out with 3 girlfriends, small bar, everyone knows each other, band~~anyway, all my friends are smokers, and I caved and had some smokes....now, I'm craving and I need to get over it..just needed to tell my friends on here, as I'm sure you'll understand

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I certainly understand. I quit for good upon my diagnosis 14 years ago. I don't pick one up, because I'm pretty certain I could get the habit back again really fast.

best to you


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Pam M
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I quit about 8 years before diagnosis. For a year, I did not even go into a bar, because I couldn't put that pressure on myself.

I've heard that Listerine breath strips help with cravings.

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Ingrid K
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Don't beat yourself up over it. I've been there done that. I quit after 40 years of heavy smoking. It is doubly hard when you are surrounded by smokers. But, you can do it and it does get easier. So just move on and don't be too hard on yourself. If you can quit while going thru what we've been thru then you can do it again and not go back.

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I quit 3 years before I was diagnosed, but to this day I love the smell when somebody first lights up...There are times, too, that I get a real craving, still to this day!

I remember telling myself when I'd get a craving, that it'd be over in just a few minutes, and it was...all cravings are transeint. I truly feel for you, tho...I honestly don't ever want to have to quit again...


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heck, with what you've been through ...getting past that craving will be a breeze if you just stick with it....never smoked so maybe I can't relate...but I sure know any H&N warrior can kick anything they want around the room and smile, humm while doing it :):) :)



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I understand, but I do have a different perspective now days. Don’t beat yourself up and do have a Merry Christmas.


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What's done is done, stop worrying about it. This may be easier said than done but just try and remember all that you went thru to get healthy and maybe that will help you avoid another slip up. Try and avoid those places where you may be tempted, again I realize that may be difficult. I've never smoked so I can't say I know exactly what you are going thru. If youre up for a move, here in California they don't allow smoking in bars or restaurants or malls or any store for that matter...that oughta fix you :-)
Seriously tho, don't be so hard on yourself it's not the end of the world.

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Tonsil Dad
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I myself used to smoke but that was 12 years ago, my downfall is I
like to have a drink. I drank 7 nights a week but since the C arrived
I quit and didn't drink for 7 months or so but now I'm feeling better
I've gone back to my old habits again....much to the displeasure of
my wife. I am not 7 days a week but maybe 3 but back drinking all the
same allbeit only beer, no liqour and I don't drink in the house, I go
to the pubs and laugh and joke and socialize.
To each his own I guess.

God bless
Tonsil dad,


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Your not weak your human!!!


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No smokes since Oct 1st but it ain't always easy. In fact, it's mostly never easy but not a good idea.


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Long time ago, while going thru hypnosis sessions to quit smoking, I was told at our first meeting that there are non-smokers and ex-smokers. I would always be an ex-smoker.

You're not weak. You're an ex-smoker. Just have to stay conscious of that. Logic doesn't prevail when it comes to smoking...

Stay aware, stay conscious of what you're doing. About the best I can offer - from an ex-smoker...

- Jeff

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I had to read your post twice - I got distracted with the part about going to the bar with three girlfriends..... but I digress. ;)

Seriuosly, lots of good advice here on stopping. Tobacco is a seriously addictive habit. If the craving gets bad enough to seek a doctor's help, ask about Chantix. I gave up tobacco with this medication's years ago. It truly helped me kick the habit.


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