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Another great week for Nelson's recovery. His first post treatment CT scan officially showed no remaining cancer! He can now say he HAD cancer! He is in the survivor club!
He is eating well, driving again and working on getting his energy back. If he continues to maintain his weight without using his feeding tube, it comes out on the 31st. What a great way to kick 2012 in the butt!

I have had a quiet morning sipping coffee and taking some time to reflect on the last few months. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude. For the treatment team for their excellent care and their commitment to Nelson's total recovery. For the countless friends and family who have prayed for us, loved us and helped us. For the people who have gone above and beyond to help us get back on our feet financially. People we know well and those we don't know at all. It is amazing. God's love has shown so strong through these people. One particular family has huge hurdles of their own, but have poured out love and generosity like we never could have imagined. Their 12 yr old daughter is fighting osteosarcoma with mets to the lungs. Nelson was her softball coach a few years ago and we became friends. Not super close, but friends. They said that they have been helped very generously and God put Nelson on their hearts to share some of the support they have received. It is so humbling. I still can't believe how many people stepped forward to eagerly pour out their time and money when they have their own struggles. It is a testament to not only their faith and character, but Nelson's impact on so many lives. His spirit and joy have touched so many. Everyone is eager for him to get back that Nelson 'bounce'! I am so grateful he is mine! I don't think he has any idea how much his natural enthusiasm and joy for life affects those around him. If there is any good that can come from his fight with this beast, it is the knowledge that he has made a difference for so many people and he is loved immensely.

We are sitting in a warm home with a stocked fridge and pantry. We have a Christmas tree filled with amazing gifts for our 12yr old daughter Hannah. We have Nelson's car running and with brand new tires so he has his independence back. We have our utilities paid and all our immediate needs met. All of this is possible because of the generosity of so many people. We are so blessed and grateful for your love and support. We will never forget what has been done for us. We can't wait until we are in a position to pay it forward!

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all the way up here!! What a beautiful post...I feel wrapped in the sincerity of your words. Yes...you are blessed...I am blessed...we all are in some way. Thank you for writing this.


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Pam M
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So happy to hear of your blessings. Another good thing will be that this feeling doesn't end. You may not feel it every day, but little things will bring the feeling back. For instance, one day in the future, you'll be writing a check for the utility bill, and out of the blue remember the winter when people who thought well of Nelson and you helped pay it - rerun happy is still happy. Grab it. Keep doing well.

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Every story of success lifts us all. Thank you for sharing. Rick.

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Very nice story, I hope you have a very merry Christmas.

Is Nelson holding what I think he is holding?



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Yes, Matt - that's the dreaded mask. The picture is him on his graduation day from radiation.
When he is feeling stronger, I think he plans to put on some heavy boots and stomp the crap out of that thing!


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I read your post and your account of all the help you have received warmed me, it restores ones faith in mankind for sure.
I have a mask just like that one, I "graduated" on Nov 13 and still haven't decided what to do with mine, lets just say a lot of ideas have crossed my mind.
Best wishes on continued recovery!

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That could have been me on March 23rd, but Nelson managed a bigger smile than I did. What a load off my head, so to speak. My mask sits on the floor out in the shop; I haven’t decided what to do with it yet?

Fellow warrior,


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So uplifting and encouraging! I am certain we are encouraged by such positive news. Congratulations.

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