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New to EC board but not to cancer.

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Hi all. I usually post on the lung cancer board but a recent Barrett's Esophagus has me checking in here. For the last 26 months I have been dealing with lung cancer and the after effects of treatment. The last couple of days I lurked about here but tonight (this am?) I see the three top posts mentioned Barrett's so I dove in. My plan is to search the older threads to learn what I can. I noticed one woman mentioned her husband had no symptoms. Neither did I. Now I wonder if there is a correlation between radiation esophagitis and Barrett's. any recommendations for reading up on any and all of this? Thanks.

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My husband's only symptom was that in August he began losing weight. Nothing else. Then, in November while we were still seeking answers, he began having trouble eating. He was diagnosed in December. By the time he had surgery in April, his entire stomach was involved. They are really not even sure if it was esophagus or stomach cancer. The internet has been invaluable to us. American Cancer Society has people who will talk to you, and send you all the information you could want.

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I'm sorry to hear about your lung cancer, my sister had lung cancer, and my husband had Esophagel.  Not sure about the radiation esophagitis

here's is a basic link to Barrett info if that helps.


Barrett's Esophagus 


Also you can contact the NCI for this type of question.

Sorry I could not be of any more help

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