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Hormone side effect weight question

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My husband has never had a belly but now after 9 months of hormone treatment, his belly is so big and hard almost like a pregnant belly. Im worried is this normal? Urologist claims hormones don't put on weight oncologist claims they due.
Afraid it's a sign of something else, he also has lung cancer?

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Is the lung cancer metastic prostate cancer, or did he have that first? They usually will do a biopsy to determine this as your treatment will vary with what it is they are treating. Nodules on lungs have a tendency, my case, to make exercise hard. When you do not walk, or exercise weight gain is guaranteed. I would also mention that what he is eating will help him alot.

Should he not be able to exercise then diet is only thing that will help weight gain. I am sure they have done CT scans to look for problems. What do the scans show?


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I have been on hormone therapy for four and one half years. My weight has remained steady at 238 to 242 lbs. That's overweight, of course, but it's "normal" for me. However, material on the Internet suggests that weight gain after going on HT is normal.

Hope this is helpful. Good luck to you.


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Thanks for your replies. The lung cancer is separate from the prostate and diagnosed later.
Unfortunately in the bone also. Praying treatment works.

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Help me understand, the prostate cancer was first and the lung cancer second. Than its probably prostate cancer in the lungs and bones. There is a new drug for bones for trials coming out soon and a drug like Zytiga could fight back the lungs cancer?

The HT can cause the mid sectionto increase in size. My weight has went down from 242 to 230 and waist size is about the same. Have not exercise much since my heart attack, but eating better. Miss eating that bad food!

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When I went in, on my own, to demand an x ray it led to a ct scan and showed nodules on lungs. First words from Dr.s was lung cancer from smoking, even though I quit smoking in 1985. They were all positive. Biopsy showed prostate cancer spread to lungs.

Exactly what tests have they done to determine where it came from and what they are fighting?

Something does not seem right. They can say lung cancer spread to bones, but unlikely to spread to prostate. Exactly what is their diagnosis regarding spread?


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My husband also has a very bloated stomach and it is from the hormone therapy. This confirmed by the oncologist.
The same thing happens to women who have had a hysterectomy. When they have to take a hormone replacement it does the same thing.
So the oncologist is correct. He may not have any weight gain anywhere else but in the belly area.

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