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Now on Treanda

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Hope it works. Been thru the ringer. Not much of a typer :)

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I hope the Treanda works for you. I've read good things about it and it sounds like it works pretty good when other chemo regimens have failed. Don't give up hope. Keeping you in my prayers. Best wishes...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Hey Diaz! I agree with Sue. Hang in there!

Warm hugs across the internet,


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Hi Diaz,
I'm praying for you that this medicine works for you. You have been through hell and back and you deserve to have your health back and finally get rid of this damn cancer. I have heard very good things from this medicine so I will be crossing all of my fingers, toes, and if it helps eyes too. Sending positive thoughts your way! (((Hugs)))


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Hey Diaz, I read a lot about this drug, it has a good success rate. I'm praying for you. Keep grinding, it will get better.... Vinny

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Joined: Mar 2012

Thanks everyone. I've changed my diet. I was a big fast food water so I blame myself. Juicing now. You guys made me choke up of happiness. Thanks all

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Hi Diaz,

I just finished 6 months of Treanda and I want you to know it's not bad at all. I was given Emend for 3 days to insure that I didn't get a sick stomach. Mine was given with Ofatumumab (similar to Rituxan). I had side effects from the Ofa- but not from the Bendamustine. I did have an odd appetite during treatment (wanted a certain food until it was in front of me!) - drove my husband nuts! I also was tired. But all in all it was a piece of cake.

I hope and pray your experience is the same. Oh and btw- I got a partial REMISSION from it- YAY!!!!!!!!!!!


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I have had 2 doctors tell me my husband should try this drug so he is asking his doctor about it today. It is worth a shot given his situation. I have also read good things about it.

I hope it works well for you Diaz! Good luck!

Hugs - Katie

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I read its for NHL i have HL .... so im keeping my fingers crossed

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