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barbebarb, who is your doctor at NW?

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I was wondering who you are seeing at NW. I am seeing Dr. Halla Nimeiri, and thought maybe you might be too as there aren't that many female colorectal oncologists at NW. Dr. Nimeiri is also the doctor for one of my best friend's father. Just curious....

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Hi Tedd
I see Dr. Mary Mulcahy.
My first diagnosis was on 08 and I had a lower bowel resection at Cadence Health.
It was s quick decision that I chose NW...did not like the way the news was delivered about the tumors on my liver from first oncologist.
She (NW doc.) had a cancellation and I drove my records and pathology to NW on a Fri., and saw her on a Monday. I have to believe it was meant to be?
Do you like your Dr., and care so far?
It is so busy there. I hate to use the term factory but that's how it feels...
Best to get am appointments.
How are you feeling? I hope well.

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I have been happy with my oncologist, but honestly most of that is due to her PA (Tanya) who has been fantastic about corresponding with me via e-mail on any topics related to my cancer. I haven't really had that much direct interaction with my oncologist, other than at my CT scan dates (every 3-4 months), but she seems to genuinely care about her patients. I have had a couple of other procedures done at NW (biliary drain followed by stent), and I understand where you get the term "factory".... I have been happy with how well organized they seem at NW with respect to procedures and getting things done on time, but they are a little short in the personal care department (i.e. bedside manner). I have been feeling very good actually, and life is 99% normal right now. I will know more about my tumors in January (appts on the 7th and 8th for CT scans, oncologist), and will post results here as soon as I get them.


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