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Bloddy Nose

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Question: I have a cold and when I blew my nose blood came out. Is this normal for someone going through chemo? Also, I just have a head cold with no fever. Am I suppose to tell my Oncologist that I am sick?

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It would not hurt to mention it to your DR. If you start running fever, go to the ER.
Chemo affects mucous membranes in the nasal passages, eyes, mouth, throat, vagina, etc.
Runny nose or bloody discharge is fairly common during chemo.
Sinus Buster, saline spray, vaseline or vitamin E oil in your nose should help.
And it should clear up after chemo.

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last year with Carbo/Taxol/Avastin. However, my two kids make at least four generations (my Mom's side) who have nosebleeds when we have colds, sinus infections, etc. But as was said, do let them know if you begin running fever. Hope you feel much better soon.


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Was beginning to get worried about you because have not heard from you in awhile. I would follow the sound advice of the others that said to call the doctor if you have a fever. There is a doctor on call over the week end. I remember calling him early one Sunday morning.. Have the best week that you can .. Merry Christmas.

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during chemo. I think it is because the lining of the nose gets dried out. If I blew my nose, it would bleed. I don't think I mentioned it to my doctors, but I should have. Some saline would probably have helped. I think I felt so sick at the time that I didn't think much about it.


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Hi Vanessa and everyone: It is nice to be missed. I have been logging on and reading posts. I was going through or still going through a transition and trying to come to terms with the fact that I have a life threatening disease. It has been really hard for me as I am sure everyone on here has gone through the same things. I loggied on to the support group (Ovarian Cancer National Alliance) called Inspire and saw that 3 people in one week that was diagnosed with Stage 3c died. One only after 2 years. I could not handle it so I have been on the groups less often trying to avoid all the bad news. I hope I do not sound too much like a cry baby.

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I think sometimes it is best not to get on the computer and see all the bad news. Everyone is different so we can only have faith and hope that all works for the best. I know you have the best help that you can get in our area. Trust them to do the job . I know it is hard sometimes I have areas of panic. I never want to go through chemo again. Do not think I would. Thinking of you. Do you have a Facebook account?

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My Mom has nosebleeds a lot...because of the chemo and no hair in the nostrils.,,,,as far as colds went, the doctor said to call if she had temperature over 101.3 otherwise she wasn't that concerned....the real issue for her was infections. hope this helps.

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I lost the hair on my head in April, followed by the hair on my legs, under my arms and in the pubic area. My eye lashes and eyebrows disappeared a couple months ago. But it wasn't until I read your post that I checked my nose in the mirror!! Surprise, surprise!! No hair!! Thanks for making me laugh!

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