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Cathleen Mary
Posts: 827
Joined: May 2011

My heart is so sore this morning. Even cancer seems to pale in light of the horror of Newtown.

Love and prayer for all,
Carhleen Mary

Posts: 1170
Joined: Sep 2012

I was just thinking the same thing. Our problems seem pretty minor today. How are those families ever going to survive this? Unimaginable.


Lorikat's picture
Posts: 682
Joined: Jul 2011

And I can think of no way to help but prayer.

jjaj133's picture
Posts: 869
Joined: Mar 2011

It seems the worst tragedies happen around Christmas. But this more than any of us can comprehend. Hearts will never heal from this.

Posts: 1607
Joined: Aug 2012

I'm in CT - it is beyond sad. Those poor babies and those poor families. I just don't understand how something like this happens. My faith has been tested by my husband's diagnosis. This only tests it further. I sit here holding my sleeping baby and my heart just breaks for those families.

Lovekitties's picture
Posts: 3348
Joined: Jan 2010

My prayers go out to all impacted by this great evil which has visitied them.

Marie who loves kitties

maglets's picture
Posts: 2596
Joined: Jun 2006

I am struggling with this news.....I am not watching the tv....it seems I know all I need to know about it. I too do not understand how these families will go forward with this amount of pain......


Doc_Hawk's picture
Posts: 685
Joined: Jan 2012

When I saw this on the news yesterday I didn't know what to do first, throw up or cry my eyes out. I just wish that people who are hellbent on these murder/suicide rampages would start with the suicide part first. I pray for the families and friends of the victims.

steveandnat's picture
Posts: 887
Joined: Sep 2011

It just broke my heart when I heard about this senseless act of violence on little kids. Bless those brave teachers who acted so heroically. Jeff

PhillieG's picture
Posts: 4907
Joined: May 2005

There's little chance things will ever change.
This is yet another hot topic like religion or politics where so many feel there's no compromising.
If only help for Mental Health was as easy to get as say...a gun?

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