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He's not such a bad guy after all.....

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This really has not much to do with H&N cancer but it's good news and I must share. My husband is a police officer for the city that we live in. We are a beach city in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. There are 4 little beach cities here in the south bay so most of the police officers from all those different beach cities know each other. We have a very dear friend who is an officer for the next city over and we found out about 2 months ago that his little 10 year old daughter has a very rare form of cancer called alveoler rhabdomyosarcoma. She will have to under go 48 chemo treatments and 6 weeks of rads to her eye and sinus area. Her dad had to switch from HMO to PPO insurance so that he could take her to the children's hospital at UCLA so his co pays and out of pocket expenses are crazy!!! All of the PD's around here have started doing fundraisers to help them and honestly as much money as we've raised so for will barely make a dent sadly. Well just this week Charlie Sheen and his Stuntman donated a combined amount of 100,000.00 to the family!!! The stuntman lives in one of the beach cities and saw an officer and asked what it was about and the next day there was a $75,000 check from Sheen and $25,000 from the stunt guy!! Isn't that amazing? I have to admit that I think Charlie Sheen has been a real horses a^* at times but this has made me a fan of his generosity. This is one of the nicest most deserving families I know of and I am so happy for them.
I remember 20 years ago when my husband was mentoring this guy and helping him become a police officer and now he is struggling to give his daughter the best possible care he can give her.
With all of the bad going on these days I just it'd be nice to share how something so good can help a not so good situation.

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great story, thanks for sharing.

sorry to hear about the little girl. it's been a tough day for childhood.

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Tough day indeed

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And thank you for the uplifting story. It is always nice when those who have the means to help will do so. This also alters my view of Charlie.

My thoughts are with this fine policeman's family and with the families of so many young children whose lives were senselessly taken today.



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he's kinda cute...and so funny. What a generous thing to do...


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Spoken like a true girl

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So nice to hear a good story! Thank you

I've been a Sheen fan from way back... their Dad was pretty good looking too!


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Unexpected blessings from unexpected places, at a time when we need to read a post like this.

Thank you for sharing.

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That is why I decided to share this act of kindness. After yesterday's horrible news I thought we could use some happier type news

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There is alot of bad in the world but there is, I believe, as much good. Yesterday was awful and nothing really can equal the horror, especially when I think of the poor parents who lost children. Makes me realize that I will enjoy today with my husband and try not to let cancer rule me...after all we are alive and not living those poor parents nightmare. Life is precious and today I will celebrate it by enjoying it and being strong


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We really do need every uplifting story.

With regards to Charlie Sheen: The story reminds me that we should not judge any individual by a handful of their actions. Every individual is very complex. We are all an a** from time to time and then there are periods when we are angles.

I am of course speaking for myself also. Rick.

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Thank you for sharing this one ! We always hear the bad, once in awhile I love hearing about the good in people. Thinking of you guys ! Katie

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My thoughts exactly!
Take care,

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Charlie gets a bit whacky at times, and during that dark time, I think he definitely needed some intervention.

But it doesn't mean that he doesn't have good in his "real" life..

So much is show with these actors/actresses, it's hard to tell who they really are.

Actions like this does at least give you some idea.

Buttttt, on a much closer note....

I'd like you to know that I commend and applaud your husband for his service and committment to the public.


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He loves his job and it's hard to tell if he's more Marine or Cop....but then again you can relate to that :-)

But now it gets even better for little Jasmine(the 10 year old with cancer). Stevie Wonder heard about what Charlie Sheen did and he donated another $100,000.00! I'm so thrilled for this family. I guess maybe this one shouldn't surprise me as much tho since her dad used to be Mr.Wonders personal body guard. I have heard that he treats his staff like family.

There is some good in this world after all.


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