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Kind of OT

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I drove to GA yesterday, because my mom was admitted to the hospital for a blood infection..pretty serious, but she is starting to respond to treatment.

Anyway, I was killing time in the CCU waiting room and had my trusty kindle fire, so I took advantage of the free wifi to check email, FB and such.

All was good, so I thought to check in here. Well, the IP address was BANNED. WHAT???
Retyped the address and sure enough, banned.

Why in world would a hospital ban an ACS sponsored website???

I remain mystified.

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I agree...seems strange.

Maybe you should ask the administration. May just be a glitch between what they meant to ban and what they typed.

Prayers for you mom for complete and swift recovery.

Marie who loves kitties

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That happened to me last month when trying to get on to this site after surgery to let everyone know how things went. Yup banned, but figured out you need to go onto their site first to get to other websites. Usually if you type in some website a screen will pop up and say "Welcome to Henry Ford Hospital" (that was mine) and then it will ask you to accept their terms and agreements, blah blah and you say accept and then you can get through to ASC. Hope that makes sense. Glad your mom is doing better.


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This is not a secure site.. not an HTTPS..
the server that sponsers ACS is not very reliable as we have all experienced

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for your Mom

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