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Can you light a candle?

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Let's light a candle for Newtown, Connecticut, and, while we're at it, let's light one for all of us.

Thanks sweet pink sisters,


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Please wrap your loving arms around Newtown

Sue :(

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How awful for those parents to learn that their child or children died in such a senseless act. How awful for the families of the adults working at the school who lost their lives too.


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I will light a candle.

Hugs, Debby

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Lighting my favorite candle for everyone.


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Lighting a candle for everyone.

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Tragic .. and senseless. I feel for all those who have lost loved ones.

young, innocence children ... makes no sense to me.

Vicki Sam

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Megan M
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Thanks for this post. It isn't much, but, it does make me feel better to at least light a candle for the victims.

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Megan M
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it posted twice

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What a sad time for the people of Con. and the world. My thoughts and prayers are with them all. Diana

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My prayers and thoughts are with these poor people.

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This is such a senseless tragedy. I just keep thinking of the parents with their presents lovingly wrapped and what a horrific time. So sad. My whole heart goes out to all Newton tonight.

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Ofcourse I will light one for the innocent and for everyone on this site.

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Thank you for doing this. I will do mine right now.

Grandma X 6
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Thank you for doing this my candle is lit. Sooo senseless. We have new Angles in Heaven, My heart is breaking those poor parents how do they go on. I live in Conn. So sad. Cindy

Pink Rose
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Lighting a candle for all in Newtown, Connecticut and for all of the sisters.

Thank you for this.

New Flower
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It difficult to write about this awful tragedy. My heart goes out to parents and love ones of all the victims. Have been Lighting my candles yesterday and today. Very, very sad

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My hubby went out today and bought one of those candles that run on batteries, so that I could keep it on 24/7. I thought that was so sweet of him and thank you Angie for posting this.


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That's is sweet of your hubby Jan. Mine is lit for the poor victim's and I've added another one for all of the pink sisters and brothers.

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I lit a candle tonight for our sweet Kat and I will light one also for Newtown.



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Joined: Dec 2012

I will light one for Connecticut and one for the sweet pink sister. Wish time could be turn back and all that go away.My prayes go out to them.

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God Father, help us all! Sweet new baby angles in heaven ... how broken we can become...

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