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Need some advise, Second Biopsy

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Need some advise, After my first biopsy, I had one core with a Gleason 6 then downgraded to a PIN after a second opinion. At that time my PSA was 3.7
> now 3 months later my PSA is 4.2. Doc wants to do the frontal mutable core biopsy. This will be the second one in 8 months. He said that the trend is not good and is recommending radiation if the biopsy finds a 6 or 7. Do I let him do the second biopsy or wait and just keep checking PSA and what number is safe.

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Psa is the key at this point, because the gleason score. I would check the psa every six weeks, if it doubles in count in a six week period. Then go for a second biopsy. On radiation, it can cause so much damage, but if prostate is remove. Then it is a line of defense again the monster.

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How old are you? Why didn't they do a full biopsy the first time? You need a full biopsy. Find out what is going on and then get a second opinion from John Hopkins, or similar. Follow your PSA but understand this is not always reliable.

Let us know how it turns out.


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I am age 70 in excellent health with a family history of life expectancy in the high 90's
First biopsy was G6 but got a second opinion from John Hopkins that downgraded it to PIN.
PSA started 5 years ago at .25 and worked it's way up to 2.5 two years ago and 6 months ago it was 3.5 and that triggered the first biopsy. Now in the past 3 months at 4.2
and that is why the second biopsy is being recommended. Question is do I go for it or wait
for more PSA info.

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dcirrotti, I am not a Dr. but it seems that if you do have PCa it is almost undetectable. At your age your PSA isn't very high. There are other reasons your PSA can increase from 3.7 to 4.2 other then PCa. I would track your PSA over the next 12 months haveing it tested every 3 months. Your next PSA could be lower then the 4.2. But again I am not a Dr.

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