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Free subscription to CURE magazine, a free publication for those on the cancer journey

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If you haven't got a free subscription to this magazine, please sign up for it. It is full of informative and helpful articles, stories and advice.

Here is the link:

Cure Magazine Subscription

I think you will love it!


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Joined: Oct 2009

I subscribed the last time this was posted, so, thanks!

Pink Rose
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Joined: Nov 2012

I will. Thank you.

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This is a really great magazine that I do get and read from cover to cover. Hoping anyone that is diagnosed with any type of cancer subscribes to it.

Thanks Leeza for reminding everyone.

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Thanks for the info.

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Megan M
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I got my new one yesterday with an added little booklet.  If there is anyone here that hasn't subscribed to this, please do as you will really get a lot of info.


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I get it and read it from the beginning to the end!  There are always great stories, good advice and interesting and new treatments discussed in it.


Thanks again for posting this Leeza!


Hugs, Diane

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The link above no longer works.   I have CLL   How do I get the mag ?  thanks


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Just google "CURE Magazine" and follow the link.  You will see a place to sign up for a free subscription.  I've been getting this magazine for five years and it is a great publication.  Also, if you see a copy of it at a doctor's office, there are usually several subscription postcards inside.

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