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caring bridge page for David

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Joined: Aug 2012

I have added a caringbridge page for David. If visiting it is under davidgabbard all lower case one word. Thanks.

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and signed up...tho I know you'll be updating here.


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I signed up. I will be visiting frequently for updates.
Take care of yourself.

God Bless,


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i am following

for others once you find site, click on journal under last name Gabbard, then look down slightly to the right and you will see notifications, click on that and you can get update by email.

nice way to follow and only have to post once for the caregiver.


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got us on board so we will be keeping track on both sites. God Bless

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Joined: Aug 2012

I had to answer the same questions over and over to people who I really didn't want to talk to so the Caring Bridge page is a good way to keep people updated. I will continue to come here as well, since it helps me to vent in ways I don't really want to in public. I really feel like everyone understands the concerns I have and it is easier to put myself out there here.

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caringbridge sounds great, wish I'd known about it six months ago.

btw, you do know that these forums are very public, right? I mean, threads get picked up by search engines, and anybody can read.

blessings to you and your husband.

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To check it out. Caring bridge is a great blog place!

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I too signed in for the guest book and it is a great place for updates, I didn't post my CSN name though,

Peter from Albany NY

May God keep both of you in his loving arms.

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I too subscribed to get your updates. I started one for Dan when he was in surgery (his first treatment), and have used it once a day since.. there are now about 100 hits per day.. that is a 100 people who aren't calling. I'd love to talk to them all, but I'd rather wait til life is more manageable.

I pray for David and you everyday. You are a beautiful couple, both in health and in sickness.


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Posts: 546
Joined: Aug 2012

You guys are the greatest. I am not that concerned people may intrude into our life. I pray that this time in our life may comfort/inspire/minister to others. I am really a lucky woman to be sent to be with David through all of this. It is really hard and I hate it but I am graced to see a true servant of God. He has had nurses pray with him before any difficult procedure he has said Praise the Lord when he is having a hard time even sitting up in bed. His faithfulness to God inspires me. Oh and thanks for taking your time to keep up with our chaotic life.

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