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I need my wonderful pink lady's on this sight

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Hi everyone.I will get results of my test I had done Tues.They found a lump ??.Never heard it called that.It is on my Esophicos .My colon he said was ok other then diverticktulitis .Don't you love it when your still sleepy after waking up from test.And you don't know if you heard or understood things right.He said he dint think it was Cancer.I have had a lot of trouble swallowing and loss my voice.And get choked easy.Anyways I am trying hard not to get scared.But sometimes the fear over takes me.PLEASE PRAY I get good news.I would appriatte it.Thank you my dear friends.

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Praying that this lump is nothing.

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Praying that you get good news.

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Whether the doctor says he found a lump, bump, polyp, mass, tumor, or growth, none are good to hear. They are often used interchangeably. Especially after a cancer diagnosis of any kind it would be scary to hear one of those words in reference to your esophagus. I hope they are able to find out what it is and do something about your swallowing, voice and choking issues. Don't forget: not all bumps are cancerous!

As to the diverticulitis, did you know that more than half of Americans over age 60 have diverticulOSIS? My husband is one of them. DiverticulITIS is caused by small pieces of stool that become trapped in pouches of the inner lining of the large intestine (colon). Once the pouches form they do not disappear. When the pouches become inflamed or infected then you have diverticulitis. It is mostly controlled with dietary changes and possibly antibiotics.

I am glad we all have this site to visit. I personally appreciate knowing that no matter what I am going through someone here has been through it also and can understand.

Good luck and keep us posted.


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Prayers coming your way sister.

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I don't come on here very often to write or ask for anything but I do read it often. Please know I will add you to my prayers and waiting to hear good news for you.


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Absolutely, you've got it! Praying for clean results.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I'm adding all my prayers too.



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Praying for you too!!! Hoping this is nothing bad. Please keep us posted.

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Praying for you


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You have my prayers too! I had a growth on my esophagus two years back. I was having problems swallowing and and I had a dry cough. I was scared to death, but when they took it out they diagnosed it as a benign granduloma. It was fine. I hope and pray that you have something like this.

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I am so very sorry and I do hope it is a quick fix. They should never give you news when you just wake up and they give you all this information that you can't possibly retain. Wish someone would do it to them. Where did they learn how to give important news, did they forget to attend class that day?'

Am hoping that you have your answer. Call that the least they owe you on Tuesday.



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and hoping that the lump turns out to be nothing.


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I appriatte the Prayers.I should find out tomorrow.Dint sleep well last night.I have to think positive but as you know it is hard sometimes.Thanks again and I will let you know what I find out.

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